How do I speak to Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines is an airline known for offering premium services to travelers, including customer support services. And to ensure that the travelers don't face difficulty while contacting the airline representative, the airline has introduced various contact options to help travelers reach out to the airline customer service. 

Ways to get in touch with Turkish Airlines 

For travelers who wish to reach out to the airline representative at Turkish Airlines, here is the list of the contact options offered by the airline:

  • Phone call assistance via 1-805-576-8081 (toll free) or 1(800) 874-8875 (US/CANADA)
  • Feedback form
  • Social media handles
  • Video call centers

How do I talk to Turkish Airlines?

The travelers looking for the detailed procedure to speak to Turkish Airlines, here are the instructions that one can follow and plan out their trip in time. 

  • To contact Turkish Airlines for assistance, the traveler needs to visit the airline website.
  • Now, on the contact page, the traveler can find the local contact numbers for the airline.
  • After that, the traveler can dial 1-805-576-8081 (toll free) or 1(800) 874-8875 (US/CANADA) and wait for the announcement.
  • Then, the traveler can pick a specific option and contact the representative directly. 
  • Further, the traveler can inquire about their queries regarding the reservations.
  • Depending on the information shared by the traveler, the airline representative will assist the travelers. 

However, suppose the airline representative is not available for a phone call session. In that case, the traveler can opt for the alternative contact options that one can find after reading this article further. 

Alternative ways to contact Turkish Airlines customer service

For travelers who have failed to reach out to the airline representative after dialing Turkish Airlines contact number can opt for the alternative contact options to reach out to the airline and seek the required information to plan their next trip.  

a) Social media handles

  • To send direct messages on the social media portals of the airline, the traveler needs to visit the contact page.
  • Here, the traveler can pick social media links to reach out to the customer service.
  • Further, the traveler can pick an option and send direct messages and seek the needed information. 
  • After that, the airline representative will offer assistance to resolve the queries. 

b) Feedback form

Alternatively, the traveler can reach out to the customer service by filling up the online feedback form. To access the feedback form, the traveler needs to follow the instructions discussed below.

  • Click on the feedback link present on the contact page of the airline.
  • Here, the traveler can provide their queries or experience with the airline. 
  • Further, the traveler can provide the required contact information and reservation details. 
  • After filling in the details, the traveler can submit their feedback form and seek the required information. 

c) Video call support

Besides, if none of the contact options work, travelers can opt for the video call support services to speak to Turkish Airlines. And to access this service, the traveler needs to follow the steps listed below:

  • On the contact page, click on the video call support feature.
  • Then, click on the link to video call link and reach out to the representative.
  • Further, the traveler can join the session with the airline representative and resolve their queries in time.

If none of the contact options work, travelers can visit the airline website and find the general queries regarding the Turkish Airlines booking.

Thus, these are some of the contact options offered by Turkish Airlines to reach out to the airline representative for assistance. So, for all the travelers looking for details to speak to Turkish Airlines, the provided information would help them contact the airline in time and manage their reservations instantly without much hassle. 

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