How to book Direct flights from San Francisco?

The San Francisco airport, located in San Francisco city, is one of the biggest airports in the United States. The airport is frequented by almost all notable airlines of the world, and the airport serves as the origin city of numerous direct flights to various corners around the world. The most popular of all airports in San Francisco has been given the code SFO, and one can find numerous direct flight from SFO to their choicest destinations. Currently, direct flights originate from San Francisco to over 140 destinations in 31 countries. The sections posited ahead to deal with these details regarding direct flights from San Francisco, and anyone who is curious or needs to know can read on further.

Airlines flying from San Francisco

  • A total of 46 airlines fly to and from San Francisco.

  • The top three airlines with the most number of flights frequenting the San Francisco airport are United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Delta Airlines, flying to 109, 37, and 8 destinations.

  • American, Southwest, JetBlue, Breeze, Spirit, and Frontier are some of the other airlines which fly to and from the city regularly.

Popular destinations from San Francisco

Though there are numerous cities linked to San Francisco via air, the most popular ones are Los Angeles, New York City, San Diego, Seattle, Las Vegas, Denver, and Chicago. International destinations for which travelers regularly have a direct flight from SFO are Dubai, London, Amsterdam, Munich, New Delhi, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Business-class flights from San Francisco

  • Business-class flights are available for a total of 127 airports linked to San Francisco airport.

  • Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, Seattle, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, and Phoenix are some of the domestic and popular destinations one flies to and from San Francisco using a Business class reservation.

  • London, Tornado, Paris, Munich, New Delhi, Dubai, Sydney, Tel Aviv, and Auckland are some other international destinations that can be visited using a business class flight reservation. 

First-class flights from San Francisco

First Class flights from San Francisco only fly to 10 destinations as of now. One can fly on a first-class reservation with a direct flight from SFO to New York City, London Heathrow, Zurich, Paris, New Delhi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Bengaluru, and both the Tokyo NRT and Tokyo HND airports.

What is the best airport to fly from San Francisco?

San Francisco airport SFO is the best airport in the city of San Francisco. With its vast size and numerous airlines servicing the airport, with their multitude of flights, San Francisco is inarguably the most magnificent airport in the city.

How many airlines fly from San Francisco?

A total of 46 airlines fly from San Francisco currently, and each of the airlines has numerous flights touching destinations spread all over the globe. With direct flight from SFO, one can reach almost any destination without any stopover points or just one stopover at maximum.

Does any airline fly nonstop to San Francisco?

  • American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United, Alaska Air, Cathay Pacific, Breeze, Spirit, and Frontier fly directly to San Francisco. 

  • British Airways offers direct flights from London Heathrow to San Francisco SFO.

  • Vietnam Airlines offers direct flights from Ho Chi Minh City to SFO.

  • Emirates also has regular flights from Dubai to San Francisco.

  • Turkish, Singapore, and Korean Airlines also fly directly to San Francisco from their nation’s capitals.

Where does United fly nonstop from SFO to Europe?

United Airlines is currently offering direct flights to the European cities of London, Paris, Zurich, Munich, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. 

Where does Delta fly nonstop from SFO?

Delta flies directly to the major cities of the U.S., namely New York City, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Detroit, Atlanta, Boston, Las Vegas, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles. Delta’s direct flight from SFO to Auckland had been stopped for a while, but the bookings have reopened again to the said destination.

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