How can I change my American Airlines flight?

American airlines have completely changed its flight change policy after the Covid Outbreak. Except for basic economy tickets, the airlines have eliminated change fees on domestic flights and some selected international long-haul flights.

If you wonder how to change my American Airlines flight, here is the change flight below, which you should know to make the process run smoothly.

American Airlines flight change policy

The airline gave more feasibility and flexibility to its travelers during the pandemic, and as the restrictions started loosening, the airlines modified their change and cancellation policies. The updated change policies are as below.

There will imply no change fee for all domestic, short-haul, and selected long haul international flights, with the basic economy as an exception.

Basic economy fares purchased after April 2021 will be non-refundable and non-changeable.

The above policy also includes flying standby if you want an earlier flight for the same destination on the same day for domestic flights.

What is the cost of changing an American Airlines flight?

You will be happy to know that there is no cost for changing an American airlines flight in most cases. But you will have to pay the difference for your new fare.

You can use the value of the original ticket to purchase a new fare. Apart from this, you can also change the origins and destination of your ticket. If the new fare is lower than the fare purchased, you can use the difference in value for future tickets.

How to change your American airline flights?

Steps to make American airlines flight change

Flights booked with Cash:-

If you want to change the flight for which you paid in Cash is very simple and straightforward.

You can retrieve the purchased flight by logging into your American AAdvantage account, or you can also input your last name and confirmation number under the Find my trip section.

Once you get your trip details, you can select the flight you want to change.

You can follow the screen instructions and navigate to change trip options, and select the new trip.

Once done, you will get a confirmation email from the airline to confirm the new booking.

Flights booked with points:-

The change process is quite different from the Cash for the flights booked with points. The online change process is valid only for a few award tickets, whereas you will have to contact the airline directly for the remaining.

If you dot are not interested in talking with the reservation department, the best thing you can do is cancel your award ticket and book a new flight instead. You need not pay any fee for getting your award miles back.

Moreover, there is no penalty for changing an American airlines award ticket; you will have to pay additional miles only when the new flight is costlier. If the new fare is cheaper, the difference in miles will be redeposited into your bank.

If you used miles to upgrade your seat, you could change it without a fee by contacting the reservation department.

Besides, American airlines currently have three kinds of award tickets: AAnytime, MileSSaver ad Web Special. Web special is the cheapest among all these, and you can't change it.

So the best way to change your flight booked with points is you cancel the award ticket without a change fee,re-instate the miles, and then use the miles for your new flight.

So in this way, you can change your American Airlines flight anytime. Moreover, thinking about How I can change my American Airlines flight, you can directly speak to the Travel agent if you have booked your flight via any third party or travel agency.