How do I redeem my National Car Rental Free Day?

Are you looking for a car rental service in the United States and have no clue with which car rental agency one should confirm the bookings? Well, then in such case, it is suggested to the travelers that they consider renting their cars with National car rental a rental car agency this is quite popular for offering the premium services to its customers. 

Further, the customers who frequent rent their cars with National car rental are offered with Emerald loyalty program in which one can enroll themselves and earn the maximum discount and benefits. Also, for the travelers who are looking for the details on how they can redeem the free day service for their National car rental, here in this article they will be offered the complete information that one can go through. 

How can one redeem a free day service for the National car rental service?

Before heading on with the process on how can one redeem the free day service, here are the details regarding the particular service that one needs to know before they redeem their credits for the same. 

Well, for the customers who are not aware, the free day service for National rental car is something that one can earn through their rental activities or by using the promos for one-way rentals. Further, for those who are not aware of the process to redeem the same, they can either contact National Car Rental or check out the detailed instructions mentioned below. 

Quick procedure to redeem free days for National car rental service

1) Free rental based on activities

The travelers who wish to redeem free days depending on their rental activities can check out the credits required to redeem the free day service as per the membership status:

  • 7 rental credits for General members ( 1 free rental)
  • 6 rental credits for Executive
  • 5 rental credits for Executive Elite 

Once the member of the particular group has earned the stated credits, they can easily redeem the free day service by using the instructions mentioned below:

  • To redeem the service, one needs to visit the official website of National Car rentals.
  • On the particular page, the member needs to log in to their membership account by providing the Emerald club number and email id. 
  • After that, the member can log in to their account, and under the credits section, they will be provided with an option to redeem the same, if the customer has earned enough credits. 
  • Further, the member can provide the pickup and drop locations along with suitable dates. 
  • And then, the member can pick the vehicle as per their requirement and proceed. 
  • Once all the details are mentioned, the user can redeem the earned credits and enjoy a free rental trip. 

Alternatively, the user can redeem a free rental service by making use of the One-Two free rental coupons or promo codes available at the official website of National car Rentals. 

Thus, this is the complete information on how one can redeem free day service for their booking with National car rentals. Besides, if the traveler has any queries, they can contact National Car Rental by using the details mentioned below. 

Contacting National car rental for assistance

For the members who have queries regarding the car rentals and are failing to resolve them, they can reach out to customer service by dialing the National Car Rental phone number and reaching out to the expert for assistance and managing their booking accordingly without any further interruption.