Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy and Fees

Imagine the passenger requires information regarding the baggage allowance on Alaska Airlines; they can read the Alaska Airlines baggage policy and fees information from the official website of Alaska Airlines or may call on live representative. 

What is Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy?

  • A passenger traveling with the airline can carry only one carry-on bag and one personal item, which should be stored under the seat in front of them. The dimension for the baggage includes wheels and handles also. Dimensions of baggage should be 22*14*9. 
  • Travelers are allowed to bring alcohol except for carry-on baggage. The alcohol you can bring is not more than 3.4oz. 
  • The airline could not allow passengers to bring battery-operated devices, sharp things, food, electronic items, explosives, flames, liquids or solids, household items, lithium batteries, and other hazardous materials. 
  • You can bring the medications with the doctor's prescriptions, and they should be covered with a transparent bag and labeled also. 
  • The airline allows bringing the sports equipment, which should be according to the dimensions to avoid paying the extra charges. 

How much is Alaska Airlines baggage fees?

The Alaska Airlines baggage fees depend on various factors. For the first checked baggage, you must pay$ 30, and for the second baggage, you must pay$ 40. If you have third baggage, you must pay $100. To get more information regarding the baggage fees, you must visit the official website or connect with the representative as soon as possible.  

What is the baggage weight limit for Alaska Airlines?

The Alaska Airlines baggage weight limit is upto 50lbs; if it exceeds this weight, you must pay the charges. After that, you can board your flight and get the details from the representative. 

How to avoid Baggage fees on Alaska Airlines?

If the passenger wants to avoid baggage fees at the airline, they can opt for the given methods: 

  • Use Alaska Airlines Visa Credit Card

If the passenger has an airline visa credit card, they can use it for shopping, purchasing a flight ticket, or many other things. When they use it, they can avoid paying baggage fees. To know more about the baggage, visit the official website or convey your query to the representative. 

  • Get the Elite Status

If you continuously fly with the airline, you will receive elite status from the airline. You will benefit from the baggage when you get elite status and don’t have to pay the charges. 

  • Buy the first-class ticket

Imagine purchasing a first-class ticket for traveling and wanting to know the benefit. The airline provides you with the benefit of baggage. You can bring the baggage without paying the extra fees. 

How much does Alaska Airlines charge for luggage?

Passenger is traveling with the airline, and they require the baggage details from the representative. Here is the list of your baggage prices: 

  • For first baggage: $30
  • For second baggage: $40
  • For third baggage: 100. 

The passenger should weigh the baggage 50 pounds, and the linear dimensions should be 62. They must bring the baggage according to the allowance to avoid baggage fees. 

How to add the baggage after the booking? 

To add the baggage, you must use the online and offline options. Both are suitable methods to add baggage. If you wish to use the online option to add the baggage, you can follow the steps: 

  • Open the web portal of Alaska airlines. 
  • Tap on the manage option and provide the required details. 
  • Go to the baggage option and add your baggage and review the details. Click on the continue option. 
  • Pay the charges by using the methods. 
  • Get the confirmation on your registered email.
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