Are you leaving for a trip and worried about leaving your pet behind? Fly with Southwest Airlines, which gives you an option to add a pet to your travel. However, there are many things that you might be looking to know before you add your pet. In some cases, the airline may refuse the pet travel. Do not worry, as this article will help you in the best possible manner with your pet travel. 

Southwest Airlines Pet Policy

As this article discusses above, there can be cases when Southwest does not allow passengers to bring their pets on the flight. It is due to several reasons like the safety of the pet and other passengers traveling in the flight. Thus, it is best to read the Southwest Airlines pet policy before adding your pet to the travel. 

  • As per the rules, only small dogs and cats are allowed to board the flight with their owner. 
  • The passengers must present the vaccination certificate of their pet stating it's not harmful. 
  • The pet must be fit and the owner will have to attach the health certificate of the pet at the time of booking. 
  • If a pet shows any disruptive behavior or traits like scratching, barking, growling, and biting. It will be denied from the boarding. 
  • Pets cannot fly on Southwest flights with unaccompanied minors. 
  • Each passenger can bring two pets with them, but a maximum of six animals are allowed on the flight. Thus, pets will accepted in order of first come, first serve, so try to add your pet as early as possible.
  • The pet will be added to the travel only if they are eight weeks old at least. 
  • The pet will have to stay inside the carrier during the flight, and the carrier must be placed under the seat of the pet owner. 
  • If a pet falls sick in the middle of the travel, Southwest will not be able to help the pet with oxygen or other first aid. The owner will have to take the complete care of their pet. 
  • During the emergency, the pet will be provided with an oxygen mask. 
  • Southwest Airlines does not hold or be responsible for the health or well-being of the pet during the travel. 

Acceptable Pet Carrier

Since now, this article has answered the question: Are pets allowed on Southwest? Now, let's discuss the pet carriers that are acceptable by Southwest Airlines on the flight. Here are the requirements of a pet carrier: 

  • According to the guidelines, the carrier must be 17 long x 9.5 high x 10 wide. 
  • Other carriers that are acceptable by Southwest Airlines must be in a dimension of 18.5 length x 8.5 height x 13.5 widths. 
  • The carrier must soft soft-sided and hard-sided, which is specially designed to carry pets from one place to another. 
  • The carrier is required to be leak-proof and must be well-ventilated for the pet. 
  • The carrier will be placed under the seat during the travel so the carrier has to be small enough that it can easily fit under the seat. 
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