How do I select my seats on Copa?

Copa Airlines understand the importance of seats on board, hence giving you options to select the desired seat for your trip. Generally, airlines assign you a seat before boarding. But if you have any specific requirements, you can make advance seat selections during booking, after booking, and at the time of check-in.

If you are unsure how Copa Airlines seat selection works, the article below will teach you everything. Here you will learn about Copa airline's seat selection procedure, policy, etc. Take a look to have a smooth journey. 

Process of Copa Airlines Seat Selection

You can select the seats from the beginning when purchasing the ticket. However, if you miss it, access the booking details via the website and add the desired seats later. Besides, Copa Airline also allows you to select last-minute seats at check-in. Here is the quick process: 

Online seat selection: 

  • First and Foremost, go to Copa Airlines' official website 
  • Look for the My Trip section and click on it 
  • Enter the 'reservation Code' or 'E-Ticket number' and surname, and click on 'Find my reservation.' 
  • Choose the ticket to select seats for and proceed with the seat selection option 
  • Choose the Prefered seat from the Seat Map available on the page 
  • Based on the seats, you might also need to pay for the seat selection cost
  • Clear the payments and follow on-screen instructions to complete the seat assignment process  
  • Once done, you will get a confirmation email soon for your selected seats 

Select seats at the time of Web Check-in: 

  • Head to the Copa Airlines website and look for the check-in option 
  • Enter the Reservation Code, ConnectMiles Number, or E-Ticket Number & Surname, and click on find my reservation 
  • Select the air ticket and click on the check-in button 
  • You also get an option to choose seats at this stage, proceed with the seat selection 
  • Once you have selected the desired seat, pay for them on the payment page
  • Follow the instructions, and you will get a confirmation email on the registered email id 

Copa Airlines seat selection Policy 

The advance seat selection is for flights operated by Copa Airlines. Once proceed with advance seat selection. 

  • During the ticket purchase
  • After booking up to 24 hours before departure 
  • During check-in on the website, from 24 hours to 1 hour before departure.
  • Speaking to the reservation center or visiting the sales office at Copa. 

If you don't select any seats during the web check-in process, the airline will assign you a random seat so that you can continue with web check-in. 

The advanced seat selection is available for economy cabins under certain products. 

If you travel with pets, you can not choose seats in rw 5 for the emergency exit because of space restrictions and security reasons. 

Besides, advance seat assignment is also free in some cases; you can check details on the website by visiting the Copa Airlines


Copa Airlines allow you to choose seats during the booking, after reservation, and during check-in. By paying some charges, you can make the desired seat selection. Besides, the airline will assign you random seats if you don't select any seats. For more information or details, call 1-800-359-2672 and speak to the Copa agents directly. 

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