How do I select my seat on American Airlines? 

To make the journey more comfortable and memorable, American Airlines allows you to choose your seat on your own. So, you can select your seat at the time of reservation, and at check-in, you can select your seat. And to select your seat, you can read the points provided below. 

  • Open the official webpage of American Airlines
  • At the above of the page, you will see a login button. Click on that and enter your Email id and password. 
  • Now in the menu bar, there is a manage booking option. 
  • Click on that and enter your booking reference number and last name. 
  • Here, choose the seat selection map; a plane map will be visible in front of your screen. 
  • Select the one that is preferable for you. 
  • Pay the amount for the seat selection. 
  • And at last, you will be notified by the Airline then you have successfully selected your seat with American Airlines.  

Select through the offline procedure

For American Airlines' seat selection, Travelers can also ask the customer service agent to select a seat for them. And for that, they need to make a call on their official number, and by following the IVR properly, they can speak with the traveler and from whom they can ask to select a seat for them. They will check the availability of the seat and book it for you if available. 

What is the American Airlines seat selection policy?

Before selecting a seat with any Airline, you must know about the seat selection policies, and to learn about them, you can read the provided steps. 

  • The fees of the seat selection are non-transferable and non-refundable. 
  • Passengers can choose the seating until the boarding time. 
  • If the seat is assigned for the emergency purpose, then you are not allowed to select it. 
  • And the emergency seats can not be chosen by those below 18 years of age, unaccompanied minors or adult-companied children, and passengers with infants. 

Does American Airlines charge for seat selection?

Yes, American Airlines will charge you for the seat selection, but if you are a premium class flyer, then the seat selection is totally free for you. 

How much extra do you need to choose seats on American Airlines?

If the traveler wants to select a seat with American Airlines but they are wondering about the fees, it totally depends on the type of journey you selected as well as the distance that is covered by your flight. 

What is considered a preferred seat on American Airlines?

The whole first row is designated as preferred seats because they are much closer to the exit gates. Also, keep in mind that the preferred seats do not provide long recliners or extra leg rooms. Or you can also choose the seats which are just behind the economy comfort seats. 

Does American Airlines automatically assign seats?

Yes, if you don't choose the seat on your own, then the Airline assigns a seat for you by their choice. You can change it at the time of check-in if you do not like the assigned seat. 

So, here is everything that you know about the seat selection. For further inquiries, you can visit the site of American.

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