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Can I change my flight Copa Airlines?

There are several reasons why travelers who have purchased their flight tickets on Copa Airlines will try to change them. Copa Airlines is the primary flight carrier of Panama City that has several resources to provide its passengers. If travelers want to change my flight Copa Airlines, they would be confused about what type of changes they can make to their flight tickets. Copa Airlines also permits and gives the procedure to change the flight tickets. If passengers are willing to change their flight tickets due to unavoidable circumstances, they can go through the steps.

Here are some points that passengers should note to change their flight tickets if they are not boarding the flight on that date. To change the flight date on the tickets, remember these steps for future use, and the ways are given below:

Steps to change Copa Airlines flight tickets: 1-802-391-8220

  • The first move of the travelers should be to open any web browser they prefer for searching on their PCs and mobile.
  • Log in to the official site of Copa Airlines and then search for the ‘Manage booking’ section on the home screen.
  • Write the PNR information like the passenger's last name and the reservation number on the tab that will open on the new page.
  • On the new screen, travelers will see different options that will be useful to manage the booking accordingly. 
  • Choose the ‘Change flight ticket’ section from the list, and travelers will have all the details about the tickets they have purchased.
  • Click on the ‘change date’ option and change the date when you have to travel in the future. Click on the ‘change button’ and pay the changing fees if the airline charges them.
  • Once travelers have made changes to their Copa light tickets, they will be notified by the airline through message or mail.
  • Also, try to reach the travel agencies or agents who had booked tickets on behalf of you for your journey and request them to make changes accordingly.

Flight changing policies of Copa Airlines:

Suppose there are some conditions that passengers need to keep in mind when trying to change their flight tickets. Specific policies are rendered by Copa Airlines that are necessary to follow, and they are as follows:

Terms and conditions of Copa Airlines:

  • To change the flight tickets for free of cost, passengers have to change them within a day of purchasing.
  • After 24 hours of buying flight tickets, flight changing will cost a certain amount of fees charged by the airline.
  • The price of flight changes is according to the type of flight tickets they have booked. 
  • If passengers are willing to change the name on the flight tickets, then only three characters are allowed to change on the flight tickets.
  • Transferring flight tickets is not applicable by Copa Airlines. Only in some circumstances like the passenger's death can tickets be transferred to another passenger.
  • Travelers cannot even change the name on the flight tickets.
  • If changes are made five to six hours prior to the flight's departure, the airline will change tickets, but time should not get exceeded. 

Points to observe before changing flight tickets:

There are certain tips that Copa Airlines provides its passengers if they have decided to change their flight tickets due to any scenarios that cannot be avoided. Changing dates on flight tickets is an easy process, but sometimes few effective points can help the passengers, and they are as follows:

  • If changing flight tickets seems complicated for travelers, they should choose a flexible carrier to book the flight tickets.
  • Always make sure that the reservation of flight tickets can be adjustable and also keep in mind to change as early as possible.
  • Always use a credit card that is adequately protected and cannot be hacked by anyone.
  • Try to change the flight tickets within 24 hours of purchase for full reimbursements. 
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