Can I change my seat on the Sun Country Airlines?

Every airline offers a Seat change facility and Sun Country is no exception. If you want to proceed with seat change for your Sun Country airlines flight then you could do so easily by voting on the official website. 

Seat change allows passengers to make changes to the seat that they reserve with the airline. Apart from Seat change, there are other changes as well that passengers can make. 

Changes can be made to your flight reservation online or at the time of check-in for your flight. You can make online changes by visiting the “My Trips section”.

How to change your seat on Sun Country Airlines? 1-805-576-8081

Online changes and offline changes are available. Let us have a look at the online seat change process. 

  • For online seat change, firstly, travellers need to visit the Sun Country official website. 

  • On the homepage, select the ‘My Trips’ option. 

  • You will be redirected and have to fill in details that are required in order to make changes to your flight reservation. 

  • Enter your booking reservation id or the PNR number followed by your last name. 

  • Hit the submit option and you will be redirected to your bookings. 

  • Select the booking that you wish to change and proceed further. 

  • Next, passengers need to select the “Change Flight” option. 

  • A list will pop up on the screen, out of the available options, select “Seat Change” for your flight reservation. 

  • Proceed with an appropriate selection, make the payment (if applicable). 

Changes to your flight can be made at no additional cost if you make the changes within 24 hours of the initial reservation. After the passage of 24 hours, passengers have to pay additional charges for change or cancellation of their flight reservation.

In order to change my seat on Sun Country, one needs to stick to the policy related to change. Travellers need to refer to the changed policy issued by Sun Country airlines. The inclusions of the changed policy are mentioned down below: 

  • As per the changed policy, the airline charges USD 50 per direction for ticket changes made between 59 to 14 days before flight departure. 

  • Passengers have to pay USD 100 for all the changes made 14 days from departure. 

  • Selected seats will be assigned to passengers three hours before the scheduled departure. 

  • Online seat selection for an international flight is open 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. 

  • The cost of seat selection ranges from USD 2 to 35. The seat selection typically depends on the following factors: location, time of year and the length of the flight. 

Significant changes have been made to the change and cancellation policy of the airlines. This has been done because of the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus. A major change and cancellation waivers were introduced to ease things for passengers who have made reservations with the airline. 

Although it was released by the airline that a change fee waiver has been provided, it is still recommended to check with the official website to get exact details of the current policies.

Passengers can make changes to their flight reservation within 24 hours to get a change fee waiver. However, due to covid, the change fee has been waived off for the flights that were reserved. 

In a nutshell, passengers are allowed to make changes to the seat assignment. Nonetheless, this needs to be done at the earliest. The early the better. You can select sets while making reservations for your flight. The seat selection option pops up on the payment page during reservation. In case you have already selected a seat and still wants to change it then you can do so by visiting the “My Trips” section on the website. 

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