How do I call Transavia Customer Service?

This is a low-cost airline that provides fabulous flight services to passengers. You can make a seat reservation with them online at their website to get the preferred services. When you book the flight journey, you can find the queries related to the travel. Transavia Airlines offer customer service experts to ask all the flight-related questions with them. Customer service is available in multiple ways to give you the best advice related to the flight journey. Thus, you can read the below necessary information to get through with the experts. 

Can I communicate with Transavia Airlines?

Yes, you can communicate with the customer service team of Transavia Airlines on the phone. You need to call on the customer expert contact number at 011 352 27 00 27 28 and follow the automated voice commands. When you choose the suitable command, your phone will be allotted to the representative to discuss the issues. 

Transavia Airlines Contact information

Travelers can get assistance according to the country with the airlines. Following is the general contact information to talk to the human at customer service. 

  • Netherlands: 0900 0737 
  • Spain: +34 93 73 70 331
  • Belgium: 070 66 0305
  • Germany: 01806 000747
  • Italy: 899 009 901
  • Portugal: 707 780009
  • France: 08 92 05 88 88 
  • Other countries: +352 27002728

Transavia Airlines office address:

Piet Guilonardweg 15, TransPort building

1117 EE Schiphol Airport 

The Netherlands

Customer service working hours: they are available daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm at central European time. You can reach them at this time to talk to the experts for help.

How to talk to Transavia Airlines?

There can be chances when you find unusual problems on the travel. You can share your concerns on the Transavia phone number by the below steps and follow the process.

  • To begin, you must call on the Transavia contact number at 011 352 27 00 27 28.
  • With this, you can follow the IVR instructions carefully.
  • Choose 1 for the language selection. 
  • Choose 2 to get the existing flight.
  • Choose 3 to make the new booking. 
  • Choose 4 to manage your travel.
  • Choose 5 for the check-in.
  • Choose 6 to speak with the human. 

Once you select the preferred command, your phone will be transferred to customer service. When you get the experts, you can convey the queries to them and obtain the appropriate guidance. 

Alternative methods to communicate to Transavia airlines

They also offer some other means to communicate with the representative that you can choose according to the choice as given below. 

Contact by email:

Passengers can make the group reservation by sending the request to them through email. Although, you can clear some other flight queries and write them in detail in your email. You need to provide the essential information with the proof of the questions and send them to A representative will reach out to you in some time for a better understanding. 

Contact by social media:

Transavia Airlines are available on multiple social sites that you can follow. 

You need to send the message at the above links regarding the issues in their inbox. With this, Transavia customer service will give you relevant reply on the social pages. They are accessible 24 hours on social sites to assist you.

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