Can you choose your own seat on Emirates?

Yes, you can choose your seats in First Class free of cost, and when you fly on a Business Class Saver, Flex, or Flex Plus fare. If you need assistance while choosing your own seats on Emirates then dial 1-805-576-8081.

If you have a reservation with Emirates, you can choose your favourite seat by checking in online before departure. Besides, if you wonder how to choose my seat on Emirates, you can also speak to the contact center if it fails, or you can meet in person at the airport to make your seat selection.

Steps to choose seats on Emirates

Let's check out the procedure below to choose your seat on Emirates. 

  • For online seat selection at first, you have to visit the online check-in page of Emirates.

  • There, enter the surname and booking reference number to start the check-in process.

  • Now select the passengers you want to check in.

  • Enter the advance passenger information in case required

  • Here you can change the seats anytime and add any missing emirates skywards number

  • You can still choose your seat by following the instruction on the screen

  • Emirates may also need to change your booked seat due to the current situation of Covid. In that case, if you pay already, you will be eligible for the refund

 So using the instructions above, you can select your seat anytime with emirates. Moreover, if you wonder, can I choose my seat on Emirates? You can also speak to the emirates representative on call and request the desired seat selection.

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