How to find google flights to Raleigh directly?

If a passenger wants to book a flight with Google Flights to Raleigh RDU and is wondering how to find direct flights from their destination, they must check the "Direct Flights Only" box white, searching for the available flights. This feature enables a person to customize their search per their requirement, making it easy to get a desirable flight ticket on the Google Flights site. Using this, you will see Google flights Raleigh on the search result page, which has no stopovers.

Procedure to get a cheap flight to Raleigh on Google Flight

There are enough features on Google Flights that can get you flight tickets at a cheap price. Here is the procedure which can get you a cheap flight to Raleigh:

  • Head to the website of Google Flights on your browser,
  • Choose the booking tab on the homepage,
  • Select the Departure Airport in one column,
  • Select Raleigh RDU in another column,
  • Keep the Departure date column blank for getting cheap flights,
  • Choose the number of passengers and flight classes,
  • Then click the explore button,
  • Now all the available flight lists will show on a new page,
  • You will see a filters bar on top of the new page,
  • Click the Sort filter and select "Low to High" fares,
  • The page will be refreshed with the applied filter,
  • Now you will get the lowest fare to Raleigh RDU on the top of the list,
  • Compare the available flights as per your need,
  • Then choose a flight to book,
  • Add the passenger details required,
  • Pay the flight fare amount with an online payment mode,
  • The bookings will be made, and the e-tickets will be shared on your email. 

Advanced Hacks for Using Google Flights to find cheap flights to RDU

There are some advanced hacks a person can use to find cheap flights to RDU on Google Flights. You can use those hacks while exploring the flight's availability to book. The hacks are listed down below:

  • Use Price Graph: While searching on Google Flights, select the Price Graph feature to view the fare changes over time. It will help you determine when the fare goes down for RDU, and you can choose the best time for the booking. 

  • Search Flights without a particular date: Searching for flight tickets without mentioning a suitable date gives you a wide range of choices to book from. You will get flexible flights to your destination, and then you can choose the cheapest option.

  • Multi-City flight booking: Booking flights with the multi-city option is cheaper than round trip or one-way flight tickets. It breaks your journey into two or more than two per your choice. So explore the flight tickets by selecting the "Multi-City" option. 

  • Turn on Price Alert notification: Turning on the price alert will notify you whenever the flight ticket price for Raleigh goes down. Then you can book the flight tickets whenever you get a notification that fits your travel needs. 

  • Consider Other Airports: While searching for flights, you can also check with the nearby airports to fly from. It may have a low fare. 

Hence, use these advanced hacks for booking Google flights RDU at a low price. These will help you to save money on flight tickets. 

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