How can I check my flight ticket confirmation?

Suppose you have reserved your flight with any of the airlines, and you get a confirmation once you complete the reservation process, and in that confirmation email or text message, you have a confirmation number, which is essential to view your flight, printing out your boarding pass and in case if you want to change your flight or want to make any modifications, the ticket confirmation number will be required, so if you have booked a ticket and want to know how to check my flight ticket confirmation, or what is the ticket confirmation number go through the detail which is mentioned:

What is ticket confirmation number?

To know about the ticket confirmation number, you are advised to go through the points that are written below, and these points will give you a brief picture of what is ticket confirmation number, have a look:

  • A ticket confirmation number, a booking code, a flight confirmation code, or a reservation number is an alphanumeric code that contains 6 characters. 
  • It assists in recognizing a specific reservation with the airline.
  • And you may find the ticket confirmation number in your email or text, and you will receive it once you complete the ticket reservation process.

How do you find your confirmation for a flight?

If you are wondering to view your confrontation flight number, that will assist you in many ways; for example, to make any modifications to your flight, you would be required to enter the confirmation number and others to have the details, so read out the points that are mentioned below:

  • Once you complete the ticket reservation process of booking a flight with the airline, you will receive a confirmation email in which you can find the confirmation number. 
  • If you have registered your phone number while reserving your flight, there are possibilities to find a confirmation number via text. 

 Where can I find my E-ticket?

If you have purchased a ticket with your concerned airline, almost every airline sends an e-ticket to your email address, which you may find after the completion of a reservation. And if you are flying domestically, you are not required to produce any e-ticket while checking in, and on the other hand, if you are flying internationally, you can present an e-ticket. 

How can I check if my flight ticket is real?

Suppose you have purchased a ticket from any third party, and you are flying for the first time from your airlines; now you want to know how to confirm my flight ticket is real, so you do not end up experiencing any trouble with respect to your flight ticket. Please find different ways to verify whether your flight ticket is real or not. Have a look:

  • In your email box, try to find a confirmation number and visit the official website of your concerned airline.
  • Once you are there, go to manage my trips or my trips, and enter all your details, your PNR number or confirmation number, name, etc.
  • After signing in, if the details you see of yours, for example, your name, your destination, etc., that denotes your ticket and details are real. 
  • And in case of any confusion, you can directly reach out to your concerned airlines. 
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