How can I choose my seat in Emirates online?

Seat selection is one of the most important tasks that passengers look forward to during their travel. Besides, many airlines offer their advanced seat selection services to their passengers so that they won’t have to go through any last-minute hassle before their scheduled departure. However, one can also select their seats even after making their reservations and ensure better travel plans. But this might also come the seat selection guidelines, seat selection fee, and other important things.

When it comes to Emirates, the airline is quite popular for its lavish services and premium facilities. Plus, one can easily select their seats while booking their flights on the airline. If you have already made your reservations on the airline, and have been thinking about how to choose my seat on Emirates, then read this post further and get to learn about the seat selection on the airline.

Seat Selection Guidelines On Emirates: Important Points

Before you book a seat on Emirates Airlines, here are the guidelines that you should know about.

  • Emirates automatically allocates you a seat selection free of charge as per your specific needs. This is also applicable to the booking on which you are travelling with an infant or if you have medical requirements.
  • If you are travelling on Emirates Economy Class, then it may be free to choose a seat in advance, or there could be an extra charge that’ll depend on the fare type or your Emirates Skywards membership status.
  • The check-in window on Emirates open from 48 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure. Hence, you can easily book a seat on Emirates Airlines to secure your favorite spot on your flight. The same is also applicable on Regular, Preferred or Twin seats that too without any seat selection fee.
  • Moreover, the seat selection fee on Emirates might range from $15-$135 depending upon your fare type, selected seat type, and other booking info.

Steps to Choose My Seat On Emirates

Follow the steps mentioned below to book your preferred seats on Emirates online.

  • Visit the official website of Emirates in your preferred web browser, then head over to the Manage Booking/Check-in tab.
  • Now, you’ll need to enter the booking details such as traveler’s last name & the booking reference number in their respective fields.
  • Now, hit the check-in option to begin with your seat selection.
  • Hereafter, you’ll need to follow the onscreen instructions to check the availability of your desired seat from the seat map on your flight.
  • Next, make your desired seat selection from the available seats, and then again follow the onscreen instructions to pay for your flight seat and then confirm your seat selection.

Furthermore, if you still need any info regarding how to book a seat on Emirates Airlines, seat selection fee and guidelines, online process, etc. then feel free to get in touch with the liv agents on Emirates. They’ll surely guide you with the best info on your seat selection.

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