How do I reach someone at Spirit Airlines customer service?

Spirit Airlines is an ultra low cost American Airlines, and it is considered the best option for short-haul flights within the USA. If you have already booked a Spirit Airlines flight, for queries and special assistance requests, you can reach customer service in several ways.

Multiple ways to reach someone at Spirit Airlines customer service

The customer service of Spirit Airlines is available for customers through the following modes:

On the phone: To get information on the special assistance services and other queries, you can call Spirit Airlines and have a discussion. It will resolve multiple queries simultaneously. To call on Spirit airlines phone number, do the following steps:

  • Call on 855 728 3555
  • The call will begin with IVR instructions
  • Press the specified number for the queries and requests
  • You can also try to connect with a Spirit Airlines person for help.
  • Share the issues and get guidance from the customer service person.

Send a message on live chat: Spirit Airlines customer service has a live chat service available for customers to connect with the airline. You can send the queries through texts and get an instant reply with appropriate information. To start a live chat, do the following:

  • Go to the official website of Spirit Airlines on
  • Click on the contact us tab
  • Click on the “Let's chat” option
  • A chat window will open on the screen
  • Enter your messages 
  • Send it to the customer service person.

On a text message or WhatsApp: You can send a text message for urgent and regular queries to Spirit Airlines customer service and get an instant response. To connect on WhatsApp, do the following:

  • Save the phone number 855 728 3555 on the phone
  • Open the WhatsApp 
  • Type the message and send it to the saved number.

On social media: Spirit Airlines has numerous social media handles for customers to visit the pages and get the latest updates and news about the airline. Check out the following pages of Spirit Airline:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:

On email: if you wish to contact Spirit Airlines by email, please follow the steps explained below to start correspondence via email:

  • Visit
  • Go to the customer contact information page
  • Click on the email option
  • Fill out the form 
  • Submit the request 
  • An email will be sent on your registered email address from Spirit Airlines.

 How do I talk to a real(or live person) at Spirit Airlines?

There are several ways to connect with a real person at Spirit Airlines:

On phone: Call on the spirit customer service number 855 728 3555, hear the IVR options to speak to a person to get assistance and information.

On SMS: you can send an SMS of your queries to the customer service number and get into a conversation with a person from Spirit Airline.

On WhatsApp: Spirit Airlines provides WhatsApp facility to the passenger to connect with a customer service person for urgent queries. If you send a message on the WhatsApp number, an instant reply will be given to assist you.

Therefore, you can choose any of the above-described ways to connect with a real person from spirit customer service and resolve the queries.

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