How can I hold my booking in Qatar?

Qatar Airways is a state-owned flag carrier of Qatar. The Airline operates a hub and network, and it flies over several destinations. Qatar Airways offers an end number of services, from reclining your seats to making a quick reservation. They are available all around the world. It believes in providing world-class services to its customers. Qatar airways hub is there in Doha. It offers world-class facilities to its customers. Qatar Airways is a customer-centric or customer-oriented airline. The below-written ways will guide you on how you can get a hold of your booking with Qatar airways and do get the services you wish to have as its services are available 24 x7 to assist its customers. 

Steps to hold your booking at Qatar Airways

  • Firstly, You have to visit the official site of Qatar Airways.
  •  Visit its main page, which says there will be many options: explore, book, payment options, and book the Reservations.   
  •  You will find the option that says 'Hold my booking 'if you are still undecided with your reservation along with the guaranteed fare in exchange for minimum fees, which is up to 72 hours
  • Choose the 'Hold my Booking' payment option and then pay online using my trips features or offline. 
  • Then decide accordingly which payment option you wish to choose. 
  • How to hold my booking at Qatar Airways in an easy way.) select the 'Hold my booking' payment options when making your booking on 
  • Do select the timeframe for a minimum fee for a nonrefundable fee, reserve your itinerary for a selected timeframe without immediately paying the ticket price. 
  •  Pay later, either online or offline, to complete your payment within the selected time frame online using the 'My Trips' features or offline at any nearest available Qatar Airways office. 

If you need any help regarding hold your booking at Qatar then you can dial 1-805-576-8081 and get connected to the customer executive for instant help.

Hold my booking features are available for all regions and their corresponding bookings, which can be made four days before departure. 

You have to decide accordingly which one you wish to have at any given time, which provides you the support when it comes to holding a reservation with Qatar airways. 

The above-written ways guide you on how to Hold my booking in Qatar in a proper manner. There are a few terms and conditions on which Qatar Airways' holding procedures will work out. 

Terms and Conditions for Hold your booking at Qatar 

  • You can hold your booking for a minimum fee based on your region and the number of hours you want to have the booking for the 24,48, 72 hours. 
  • The total fares will be guaranteed for the dates and the flights you have chosen, and you will be protected from any price change. 
  • To avoid booking cancellation, you can make a reservation at any Qatar Airways in the country of departure. 
  • Your booking will be canceled if the payment is not completed within the time frame you have selected. 
  • 'Hold my booking 'fees collected are nonrefundable and will not be deducted from the price of the tickets (s).
  • Booked fares cannot be guaranteed for payments made in a country other than the country of departure and the services fees that may apply. 
  •  If Duplicate bookings are found, one of the bookings will be canceled, and the 'Hold my booking 'option will no longer be valid. 
  • At the time of reservation, the physical address and contact details for the local office will be provided at the time of booking. 
  • No additional services fees will be charged.  

The above written will guide you on how you get a hold of Qatar Airways and its terms and conditions through which you can get a good grip on its reservation.  


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