How can I use a voucher on American Airlines?

What is an American Airlines travel voucher?

American Airlines travel vouchers are just like coupons provided by the airlines to all the customers who are stopped from boarding a flight or whose flight has been canceled by the airline. Generally, airlines have three types of travel credits namely:

  • Trip credit: They are given as compensation or as a refund to the customers. And are valid for Domestic or international flights originating in the U.S.

  • Flight credit: They are given for unused or canceled flight tickets. They are valid only in the region accepting U.S. currency that is within the U.S., the region of Puerto Rico, and also in the U.S. Virgin Islands. They are not valid to buy seats or bags.

  • Travel vouchers: They can be used by American airlines travel voucher holders to book flights for anyone. They are only valid for reserving flights and are not eligible to buy extra services like seats etc. You can either get an e-voucher or a paper voucher. They can be redeemed easily by reaching customer care services.

How do I use a voucher on American Airlines?

American Airlines provides travel vouchers to customers whose flight has been delayed or canceled by the airline. The American Airlines travel vouchers are issued either in electronic or paper form. 

To use electronic vouchers to book your flight, you need to follow the given instructions:

  • Visit the official American Airlines website through your browser and search for your flight by entering your point of arrival and departure, travel date, number of passengers & trip type.

  • Login into your existing A.A. account using your credentials.

  • After discovering the desired flight option, proceed to book a flight by entering the passenger's contact and personal information.

  • On navigating the payment page, you need to select “other forms of payment.”

  • Now insert your voucher number and PIN. At a time, you are eligible to use up to 8 travel vouchers.

To use paper travel vouchers, customers are required to contact the customer care services of Southwest by dialing: 800-433-7300. You can use the reservation contact directory to reach the airline according to your country. If your voucher is lost or stolen, then the airline is not responsible for the loss; hence a new voucher will not be issued to the customers.

If you have any doubts about your A.A. travel vouchers, you can refer to the following questions.

How long is an American Airlines voucher good for?

Generally, American Airlines vouchers are valid for use for the period of 1 year from the date of issuing. Customers can redeem them anytime within this interval to book their flight. If the voucher holder is not visiting any destination within this period, it can be used to book a flight for any known person. After the duration of a year, American airlines travel voucher expires and can not remain of any use. So it is advisable to check the expiration date of your voucher and make proper use within the time limit.

Can American Airlines vouchers be used for hotels?

No, according to Southwest policies, travel vouchers can not be used to purchase any of the non-flight components of your trip, such as hotels, seats, rent a car, for transferring into another account, activities, or insurance.

The American Airlines travel vouchers are only eligible to book any of the American Airlines and American Eagle flight options. So if you are planning to pay a visit to any destination via American Airlines, then you can book your flight with your vouchers, and you need not make a payment. Customers are not allowed to combine eVouchers with existing tickets to make a payment for a new ticket. If the cost of your ticket is more than the voucher, then you only need to pay the difference. If the ticket price is less than the unused amount will remain on your voucher.

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