How can I use Qatar Airways travel voucher?

If you have purchased a travel voucher for yourself or someone has gifted you a travel voucher from Qatar airlines, or you have received your refund for a canceled ticket in the form of a Qatar Airways voucher, you can redeem it at any time. To redeem it, you can contact the customer representative of Qatar Airways  and ask them to make a reservation for you and make the payment with the help of the voucher. To make the payment, you must know its number and pin.

Benefits of using Qatar voucher online

There are many benefits of availing of a Qatar voucher. If you want to know about it, then read the following points below:

  • Instant payments: it allows you to make the payments very easily and fast; you don't have to wait for confirmation from the bank.
  • Gift someone: you can give a travel voucher as a gift to your friends, family, or anyone else. Make sure to enter their personal details correctly.
  • Complimentary food: sometimes, when you make the booking with the help of a voucher, then airlines might offer you complimentary food or drink.
  • Immediate refund: if you have canceled your booking with Qatar airlines, you can receive a speedy refund in the voucher.

Can I use Qatar voucher online?

Yes, you can claim a voucher from Qatar airlines online. You can follow the steps given below for the same. But before that, know your voucher code and its pin.

  • Download the application of Qatar Airlines on your mobile phone from the play store or apple store.
  • sign in to the account by entering your ID and password and then navigate towards "book a flight."
  • Choose your flight as per your budget and comfort. Then enter your details same mentioned on the voucher.
  • And then move towards the payment page and select the voucher option. Enter the voucher number and its pin.
  • And make the payment with the help of a Qatar voucher.

Hence, you have successfully redeemed your voucher. If the fare of the ticket is more than the balance in the voucher, then make the payment with the help of a credit or debit card.

Is Qatar travel voucher transferable?

No, airlines do not allow their passenger to transfer the Qatar Airways voucher to someone else or call 1-877-371-2847 for support. These vouchers are non-refundable as well as non-transferable. If you want to give someone a voucher, you will have to purchase a new voucher in their name. To redeem the voucher, it is very important that the name while booking the ticket and voucher should match. Whenever you receive a voucher from the airlines, remember to use only one voucher every time because having a balance because you are allowed to use only one voucher at a time.

How long does it take to receive a voucher from Qatar Airways?

If you receive a refund for a canceled ticket or purchase the voucher yourself, airlines will provide you with the voucher within twenty-four hours. A passenger receives 10% additional value for a voucher. When you are making a payment, the fare of the ticket is more than the balance of the voucher, and then you cannot make the payment for the rest of the amount with cash or miles; then, you have to make the payment online.

How long is the Qatar voucher valid for?

A Qatar Airways voucher is valid for two years starting from receiving it. So make sure that you use the voucher within the given period only. After the expiration of the voucher, you cannot avail it again, and it goes to waste. So make the reservation as soon as possible. Remember, you cannot use different vouchers under the same name for booking the tickets; you can only use one voucher per booking.

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