How do I cancel my TAP Airlines flight?

Changes are sudden, and when they happen to cancel the travel plans, it leads to many complications. If you have booked a flight ticket, you need to cancel it. Some airlines are very particular about the cancellation policies, but you will get some privileges if you have booked your ticket with TAP.

Steps to cancel a TAP Air Portugal flight

If you are facing any inconsistencies in your travel itinerary, you can easily cancel your reservation by following the given steps:

  • Open the official webpage of TAP Air Portugal from your search engine.
  • To your front, you can see the My Trips section, click on it, and you get a blank text form.
  • To find your booking, you need to enter the required credentials like Reservation Number and passenger's last name; once you enter the information, you need to click on the Find Booking button given in green.
  • Next, the airline represents the details of your booking; click on your reservation.
  • Now you need to proceed with the Cancel My Booking section given on that page.
  • Afterward, you might have to provide some extra details, including why you are canceling the flight and some documents that can validate the reason.
  • Comply with further formalities and agree to all the terms and policies prompted on your screen by TAP Air Portugal. 
  • Furthermore, navigate the payment page, choose a method, enter the payment credentials and wait until the airline deducts the applicable cancellation charges.
  • The payment page is prompted on your screen only if your ticket does not qualify for the free cancellation. 
  • After you complete the payment procedure, the airline provides you with the option of requesting a refund. Click on it if you wish to get a refund on your canceled flight.

After you complete all the procedures, TAP Air sends you an email confirming the cancellation and acceptance of your refund request. But, make sure that your ticket qualifies for all the cancelation and refund conditions to proceed without facing any troubles.

TAP Air Cancellation Policy

Before you cancel TAP flight, there are some terms and conditions set across by TAP Air that decide if the ticket qualifies for cancelation or not. Take a look at the given points before you proceed and cancel the flight-

  • The changes and cancellation terms and conditions at TAP Air depend on the type of fare you have selected and the time of your booking.
  • The rules and regulations of cancelation depend on the route you have chosen, and it differs on the TAP flight you have booked your ticket with.
  • If you cancel a non-refundable TAP Air flight or services, you might be imposed some applicable charges.
  • If you are canceling the flight using the TAP Air website, you do not have to pay any charges; however, if you take customer service help to cancel the flight, you would have to pay administration charges.
  • If TAP Air cancels your flight due to some disturbing external factors, then the airline provides you with a suitable alternative to complete the journey.
  • However, if you are not satisfied with the alternate flight option, you can cancel the reservation and claim a full refund.
  • TAP Air is obliged to reimburse travelers who do not wish to continue their journey after the flight disruption. 
  • Also, if you proceed to cancel the flight reservation within the 24 hours flexible policy, then the airline provides you a full refund.
  • However, TAP Air credits the refund money in the original payment form as used by the passenger at the time of booking.

Getting through the TAP Air flight cancellation formalities is not a difficult task, as you can complete them by visiting the official website. The customer service team of TAP Air is always accessible, so you can count on them if you feel stuck with canceling the flight or requesting a refund on the canceled flight.

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