How do I change my flight on United Airlines?

Many times after making a flight reservation, passengers want to change their flight, previously which was considered very difficult but nowadays the airlines provide the flexibility to make adjustments in your travel plans.

United Airlines is a well-known American airline that operates on both domestic and international routes, and It provides its passengers the luxury of making amendments to their flight reservations. If you also think, "how do I change my flight on United Airlines?" continue reading.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy: 

United airlines have its specific policies made for flight change or cancellations. So if you wish to make changes to your previously booked flight, then you must obey the United Airlines policies. Let's have a quick look at the same:

1) The same-day policy: If you book a flight ticket with United Airlines and want to change your flight due to any reason and you request for the same within 24 hours of the interval, the airline will process your request, and your flight changes will be made free of cost that is without any additional charges for the economy, first and business class.

2) If you make a request to change flight after 24 hours, then United Airlines is liable to charge you some additional fee.

3) The policies apply if you are traveling within the U.S or between the U.S and Mexico & Caribbean.

Methods to change United Airlines flight: 

There are two different methods that must be followed step by step in order to make changes to your previously booked flights.

To know further continue reading below:

Via "manage to book"

  1. Go to the United Airlines official website, or you can use their app.
  2. Click on the "manage my bookings" section under that you will find the option of my trips tab on it.
  3. Enter the traveler's name and trip confirmation number.
  4. Now browse the different options mentioned below and choose the "change flight" option, followed by selecting an edit option.
  5. Now you can make the following changes to your reservation.
  • Date or destination of travel.
  • Make new reservation
  • Remove a flight.

      6)Now select "continue" after clicking on "new reservation."

      7)Finally, end by clicking on the submit button to book a new flight.

      8)In case you want to cancel your previously booked flight, then first select the "remove a flight" option and then proceed with booking a new flight.

Via "Cancellation form"

You can also make changes to your previously booked flight by filling out the cancellation form. For that, you need to follow the following steps.

1)Visit the official United Airlines website

2)Now login to your account & navigate to the "cancellation form."

3)Fill out all the mandatory fields mentioned on the form that comprises your name, reference number, the reason to cancel your flight, etc.,

4)Now, tab on the submit button, your previously booked flight will be canceled and you can proceed with a new booking.

Conclusion:  we have discussed the most prominent ways to solve your issues regarding the flight change methods of United Airlines. It has become very easy for you to cancel or change your flight due to the flexibility the airline provides to its travelers. 

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