How do I check my flight status on China Southern Airlines?

After booking your tickets on China Southern Airlines, you may wish to check your flight status from time to time. Checking on the scheduled flight becomes necessary when there are any weather issues like heavy rain or snow, or the circumstances are such that you are expecting a change in your flight timings. So to know China Southern Airlines flight status, you can try several ways.

How to check the flight status by mobile phones using text messages?

Check flight status via text: Assume that it is raining heavily and the phone lines are not working, and you have a scheduled flight within the next 24 hours. You can check your China Southern flight status through texts in the convenient way described below:

  • Download the local SMS app on your mobile phone
  • Enter your flight number, destination, date of departure
  • Send the message on 95539
  • You will get instant information on the pending status of your flight.

Besides checking the scheduled flight via text, you can also try other methods, which are as follows:

Check flight status via Online Mode: You can check the China Southern Airlines flight status anytime by reaching the official website. To find out the flight status online, try the following:

  • Get to the official webpage of China Southern Airlines
  • Click on the flight status tab on the homepage
  • Enter the origin city and destination of your travel itinerary
  • Enter your flight number or Airport code
  • Click on the search tab.

Immediately, you can see the information pertaining to your scheduled flight on the screen. This is the quickest way to gather information on the scheduled flight.

Check flight status via By phone: For a usual query on the flight status of China Southern airlines, you can call and inquire from the customer service person. After you furnish your flight details, the exact status of your scheduled flight will be given to you. For more information about your flight timings and other factors, do the steps given:

  • Dial China Southern airlines phone number 1-805-576-8081 to check flight status.
  • Follow the IVR option.
  • Press 1- for the language you prefer
  • Press 2- for booking-related issues
  • Press 3- for cancellation-related issues
  • Press 4- to check the flight status

You can know everything related to your scheduled flight, including the reporting time for check-in, etc., through a call.

Check flight status via Email: if you see the email sent to you by China Southern airlines for the confirmation of booking, you can find a link for checking the scheduled flight status whenever you want. You can click on the same link and get information on your flight status. You can also send an email for information to

Check flight status via Mobile phone: if you want to check the flight status from your mobile phone, you can download the app of China Southern Airlines and try the steps: 

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the itinerary service
  • Select flight status
  • Click on the link appearing on the screen
  • Enter your flight details
  • Click on search.

This process will instantly give you the desired knowledge on the scheduled flight.

Therefore, to know the procedure to check my flight status on China Southern Airlines, please read the above ways.

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