How do I check the status of my Sun Country flight?

Air travel has really gained popularity in such a short time. Traveling via plane is considered a necessity nowadays as it is more comfortable and convenient than the other modes of transport.

Airlines have really made the air travel easier. The entire flight booking process has become so easy that you can book a flight for yourself on your own. Likewise, Sun Country Airlines offers its customers a really easy method of booking a flight, managing the booking and checking the status of their flight. So, if you have booked a flight with Sun Country, and you want to check the status of your flight, then it's easy. Continue reading to know how you can check the status of your flight before calling on Sun Country phone number. 

Steps to check the status of a Sun Country flight-

  1. Go to the official website of Sun Country Airlines. 

  2. After reaching the homepage, click on the option of "Flight status". 

  3. Enter the details of your booking and click on the "Find Flight" button. 

  4. You will get all the information about your flight status. 

Contact Sun Country customer service to check flight status-

In case you need any help on your flight status, you can contact the customer service of Sun Country. 

  1. You can call on the helpline number provided by Sun Country.

  2. You can also call the reservations team of Sun Country for help. 

So, follow the above mentioned steps to check your flight status or contact Sun Country Airlines in case you need any help.

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