How do I contact Air France from Italy?

Suppose you are somewhere in Italy and have to call Air France for any issue that might be related to bookings, modifications or cancellations, etc. At this point of time, you have the freedom to dial the Air France Italy phone number that is made operational, especially for this region, i.e., +39-0-238-591-272. Through this contact number, you can reach the helpline team of the airline, speak to the concerned person and get the solutions without leaving behind any more doubts. But the call services are basically operated by the Interactive Voice Response or IVR, which calls out all the services that are made available to you on phone calls.

How do I contact Air France Italy by phone? 

You must get familiar with the functions that you will get on the phone call while contacting Air France by phone from Italy. Sometimes the waiting times to speak to the live person are very long, to skip this waiting time you must dial +39 02 3859 1272 or 1-805-576-8081 Air France Italy phone number.

Easy steps to talk to live person at Air France Italy

  • Dial the Air France Italy number +39 02 3859 1272 or +1-805-576-8081.
  • Select the language, and then listen to further IVR commands
  • Next, press the option after which your call ahead toward the live person at Air France. 
  • At last, you can discuss your queries with the live person calmly.
  • After the call, you get a notification from the airline related to the acquired service on call.

How can I get in touch with Air France in Italy directly?

Choose the phone call service, Dial +39 02 3859 1272 or +1-805-576-8081, and Press 1 to choose the language spoken. After that, press 2 to choose the customer query. Press 3 if you wish to repeat with the same question. Next, press 4 to get in touch with Air France in Italy directly.

How to contact Air France Italy using contact form?

This is one of the easiest ways of contacting the airline directly, which requires a form to be filled out. Now, you should know how this form will be obtained from Air France and how you will get the responses afterward, Do not worry. The answers are in the following points:-

  • Hang on to the webpage of Air France through a web link.
  • Scroll down the first page to the end and see the "Complaints" option under "Assistance and Contacts", Click on it.
  • Now, observe the "baggage claims", "Fly Blue Complaints," & "Other Claims" options, tap on them to open the menu, and get the contact form.
  • Select the option of the form and fill in the boxes with the topic of your issue, your name, email address, ticket information, brief of your problem, and attachments for proof, if you have any.
  • Submit the form, which will be directly reviewed by the airline's customer support team.
  • You will get replies to your submitted form from Air France on the email ID which you have mentioned in the form. 
  • You also maintain contact with the airline through email by replying to the same email address that you have received from Air France.

Different Ways to Contact the Air France Customer Service Italy

Now, you are aware of the way to send a complaint form and call Air France from Italy in trouble. But imagine if you need help accessing any direct methods from Air France. In this situation, you need more communication methods through which you will share your problems and get the answers. Let's understand what these are:-

Connect via Online chat:

It is a nonverbal mode of communication, which can be achieved by surfing the airline's website or operating the Air France mobile application. Look after the steps to access this:-

  • Reach the web portal of an airline.
  • Tap the "Contact us" icon and arrive on the airline's contact page.
  • Please select the topic of your problem from the multiple options and enter it.
  • Observe the chat icon and click to start chatting with the airline via a virtual assistant.

Connect via Social media:

You can also make contact with Air France from its social networking pages because the social media management team has now become a part of the airline's helpdesk service. Passengers or customers use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to receive solutions from the airline. If you want to reach the Air France media pages, then follow the links for the particular portals as provided:-

  • For Facebook -
  • For Instagram -
  • For Twitter -
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