How do I contact Virgin Australia by phone?

Virgin Atlantic airlines are the most extensive airline in Australia. The airline is best-known for its services and its assistance to its passengers. If you wish to gain the advantage of their Virgin Atlantic services. If you wish to consult with them regarding the same, then you should refer to the steps mentioned below; 

Steps to contact Virgin Australia by phone 

  • The initial step is to dial Virgin Australia number +61-251335874 or +1-805-576-8081 on your mobile. 

  • Initially, you will connect with the IVR, and the IVR will ask you to choose the language you are comfortable speaking.  

  • Press the number associated with your preferred language.  

  • After that, the IVR will ask you to choose your reason for calling the customer care representative of  Virgin Australia. 

  • Click on the number related to your query with the help of the dialer.

  • Then, the IVR will process your calling request and connect you to the human operator at the desk.  

  • When you are connected with them, then you can share your concerns with them. 

How do I contact Virgin Airlines?

There are various ways to contact Virgin Airlines and achieve their assistance. The best way possible to connect with the airlines are mentioned below;

Ways to contact Virgin Australia 

  • Through Calling - You can dial the Virgin Australia phone number +61-251335874 on your handset and connect with the live representative to share your concerns and resolve them. 

  • Via Chat - You will find the live chat option on the official contact page of the airlines. You can initiate the chat with the virtual assistant of the airline first, but later, the assistant will help you connect with the assistant at the desk.

  • Acrooose Customer Forms - You can fill out the customer forms if you have any inquiries, complaints, or any feedback you wish to give them. Then, you can fo for filling the customer forms present on the official webpage. 

  • Via Social media  - Virgin Australia has its official social media handles for your convenience. You can easily talk about your issues with them on their social media handles and get their assistance in solving your issue.   

How do I talk to someone on Virgin Australia?

If you want to talk to someone on Virgin Australia, what better than calling. Calling helps you to get an in-depth answer to all your queries and resolve your issues with the immense support of the assistant. All you have to do is to call on Virgin Australia phone number +61-251335874. For the preliminary phase, you will converse with the IVR to perform the necessary procedure of choosing your preferred language and then the reason for contacting the customer support desk of Virgin Australia. The IVR will gradually help you get past the customer care representative and connect with them to share your concerns. 

However, you can choose various other options to contact Virgin Australia. The options are mentioned on the official contact page of Virgin Australia. You can connect with the live executive in any way possible that best appeals to you and suits you the best. 

Virgin Australia is never off- duty for their passengers. You can connect with them whenever you feel like it as their customer help desk is in operation 24 hours a day and seven days a week to connect with them.

What's the phone number for Virgin Australia?


To contact Virgin Australia, the contact number is as mentioned here; 61-251335874. You can dial the same on your handset and get answers to your queries and gain the advantage of their services. You can call them at any time of the day and whenever you wish to as they work for their passengers all throughout the day. 

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