How do I get a refund from Oman Air?

Recently booked reservations with Oman Air and need to cancel their booking because of unavoidable reasons? Then, you don't need to worry as Oman Air offers the provision to cancel the booking and claim a refund for the same. 

Besides, for the travelers who are not aware of the process of how they can claim a refund from Oman Air, they can check out the refund guidelines and procedures mentioned in this article and manage their booking in time without any worries. 

Guidelines for claiming a refund from Oman Air 

Before resolving the query on how do I get a refund from Oman Air, the traveler is required to abide by certain guidelines that include the following:

  • As per the airline policies, the refund is available only for the reservations booked via the airline website, customer service, or airline head office. 
  • Besides, the flight tickets that include interline partners or other code-share services are not eligible for the online refund. So, in such situations, the travelers are requested to contact customer service. 
  • Besides, for the travelers who wish to cancel their booking and wish to claim a refund, they will be notified regarding the applicable charges and residual refund value. 
  • The refund is offered to the travelers in the original form of payment used for making payment for the reservations. 
  • Besides, the reservations that were booked using cash, cheque, or any other form of payment cannot request a refund online. 

Thus, these are the few guidelines that one needs to keep in mind before processing Oman Air refund online or via the reservation department of the airline. 

How to request a refund from Oman Air online?

Besides, for the travelers who are wondering about the procedure to request a refund from Oman Air, they are offered two options that include the online form and by reaching out to the reservation department of the airline. 

1) Online request for refund

For requesting a refund from Oman Air online, the traveler can fill up the online refund request form online by using the instructions mentioned below and manage their booking in time. 

  • Begin the process by visiting the official airline website. 
  • Then, in the menu section, click on the manage booking option.
  • After that, click on the refund option in the sub-section and continue. 
  • Now, on the refund request page, provide the booking details and continue. 
  • Then, mention the contact details to receive refund-related notifications. 
  • Further, mention comments and submit the refund request against the reservations.

Once the refund request is submitted, the traveler will be offered the refund within few business days as per which one can manage their reservations in time. 

2) Reaching out to the airline reservation department

Besides, for the reservations that cannot be refunded online, the traveler can request the Oman Air refund by reaching out to the airline reservation department and follow the quick instructions mentioned below:

  • For this process, the traveler needs to dial the toll-free number of the airline. 
  • Then, the traveler is required to reach out to the airline representative and request a refund. 
  • After that, the traveler can provide the reservation details and proceed.
  • Now, the airline representative will check the refund eligibility of the reservations. 
  • If the reservation is eligible, then the traveler can submit their refund request.
  • Further, the refund for the reservations will be processed, and the traveler will be provided with all the required info.

Thus, these are the procedures that one can follow to request a refund from Oman AirBesides, if the traveler has any queries regarding the refund procedures and policies, they can feel free to contact the airline customer service. 

Are Oman Air Tickets Refundable? 

Oman Air is based at Muscat International Airport in Seeb, Muscat. It is the national airline of Oman, and it has been operating domestic and international passenger services, as well as charter flights and regional air taxis. Being a new (or old customer) of Oman Air, one might wonder, are Oman Air tickets refundable?

To answer this question, we had to dig deep into the refund policy of Oman Air for you. Here’s the answer to the question-

Yes, Oman Air tickets are refundable. However, the cancellation, exchange, and refund is subjected to some rules specified by Oman Air.

  • One can cancel the unused tickets and can exchange them with another ticket or request a refund. The cancellation fee of a used ticket may be applied depending upon the rules of the ticket purchased. 

  • Oman Air only initiates the refund to the same person who had originally paid for the ticket, and the refund will be made in the same payment form as was used at the time of purchase of the ticket. 

  • For a refund of a ticket purchased offline, all the paper tickets need to be returned back to the Oman Air office.

  • For a refund of an online ticket, customers are advised to produce a valid photo identification of the person whose name is in the ticket. 

  • In an event of a refund request, you will be notified about the applicable charges. 

For more information, one can always call on the Oman Air phone number provided on the official web.

Oman Air Booking Refund Policy

  • For any cancellation within 24 hours of booking, you will obtain a complete refund for your booking.

  • The refund is always provided to the passengers in the original form of payment used during the reservation.

  • Every passenger will get a refund only after making the refund request. Submit the request via refund form or customer service.

  • Once you have applied the refund request, you will gain the refund within 7 working days.

  • The refund is either given in the full or partial amount to the passenger as per the official rules.

  • For your Oman Air flight reservation made through a third-party, use them to apply for the booking refund.

  • Refund is only given to the passenger if he qualifies for it and applies all the rules.


If you are facing any issues, obtain the additional information by using the Oman Air Contact Number. Here, you will be able to gain information about the refund rules from the around-the-clock service of this airline. You will gain the benefit from the refund only by using the valid process.

Reaching out to Oman Air for a refund request 

To contact Oman Air to get information regarding the refund, the traveler can dial the customer support number or make use of the social media handles to reach out to the airline representative and process a quick refund against their booking. 

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