How do I get a refund from Vueling?

Vueling is one of the most amazing low-cost flight carriers from Spain. You are sure not to disappoint yourself when you have booked your flight with them. They have the best services to offer you and to get your utmost satisfaction and peace. So, if you had a flight with them but had to cancel it, then refer to this information till the end, as it will provide you the answer to everything associated with a refund at Vueling. 

Vueling Airlines refund policy

Normalize knowing rules and regulations regarding everything the first thing for when you want to do anything with the airline. You should know the protocols when you want to apply for a refund, popularly known as the Vueling Airlines refund policy. So, the highlights of the same are as listed below: 

Highlights of Vueling Airlines refund policy 

  • The passengers can for a refund through the official website, call the airline, and then visit the airport and ask the assistant for the refund. 

  • You will get the complete refund without any cancellation charges deducted when you apply for it for free within a day of booking your flight ticket. Then again, you are to pay for the cancellation charges when you cancel the flight after 24 hours of purchasing your flight ticket. 

  • If you have a refundable ticket, then you will get the refund in the form of cash. However, when it is a non-refundable fare, you are to get it in the form of travel points. 

  • If you purchased your flight ticket in the form of cash, then it will take 20 days to get the refund; however, when the ticket is purchased in the form of credit, you will get it within the first 7 - 8 working days. 

  • When your flight ticket is booked through a travel agency, you are to visit them in case of any assistance. Vueling Airlines will not be able to help you in this case. 

How to apply for a refund from Vueling?

Now when you know the refund policy, you are all set to know how to get a refund from Vueling. It would be amazing if you follow the ways written below with the steps included to apply for the refund and get it quickly. 

Methods to apply for the refund from Vueling Airlines

Through the official website

  • So, you have to visit the official website of Vueling. On the homepage, you will see the option to get on the contact page of the airline. Click on the option and get on the contact page.

  •  When you are on the contact page, you will see the various methods to get in touch with Delta Airlines. Choose the customer form version out of all.

  • Then, you will see various customer forms. You are to fill in the refund form and complete it with the authentic and verified information to hurry your refund process. 

  • Once they complete the refund form, they will target your refund quickly. 

By Calling 

  • You are to dial the official number of Vueling Airlines, 011 34 931 51 81 58. So, then you will get connected with the IVR. 

  • The IVR will ask you to pick your language and then your reason for contacting the help desk of Vueling Airlines. 

  • You are requested to press the numbers according to your requirement. And then, the IVR will ask you to wait for a few seconds to get you connected with the assistant of Vueling Airlines. 

  • Once you get connected to them, then you can share all of whatever is your concern and then get the answers to all of your queries. 

Via Visiting the airport 

You can visit the nearby airport where Vueling Airlines’ Terminal desk is. When you visit there, all you have to do is to ask the assistant to apply for your refund. Answer the questions asked, and you will be able to make the process even easier. You can also ask whatever doubts you have, be it big or small. 

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