How do I redeem Sun Country vouchers?

Sun Country is an ultra-low-cost airline, and the eleventh largest airline in the U.S based on passengers carried. The airline provides the best service to support its customers worldwide. If you have a sun country airline voucher, then you can use it for several purposes. The airline provides vouchers against canceled flights if you have an airline membership, etc., to support its customers, and there are several ways to use it. You can use your sun country vouchers during shopping to make a new reservation, upgrade your seat, etc. So let's see how you can redeem the voucher for making a new reservation.

Steps to redeem a Sun Country flight voucher :1-805-576-8081

You can redeem your voucher anytime to make a new reservation. To do this, you can check out the steps given below.

  • Open the sun country airline's official website
  • Go to the booking section; else, you can log in to your Sun country account.
  • Go to the booking new flight options.
  • When you reach the Review and Pay page, you can click on the option that states Use a Sun country flight credit or voucher now; you will have to enter the 17-digit flight voucher code that you have received on your email during the time voucher was issued.
  • On the screen, you have to click on Apply Voucher.
  • After you apply the voucher, if you still have the balance to pay, you can enter your credit card detail and select the button Accept & Pay
  • By doing this, you will be able to complete your booking and redemption of your voucher.

Hoping you can redeem your vouchers now using the steps above. Now let's see what the benefits of using the sun country voucher are.

Benefits of using Sun Country flight voucher

There are various things you can do using the sun country voucher. Some of them are as below:-

  • Making New Reservation:-You can always use voucher for making a new reservation or booking. You can redeem the voucher at the payment page by selecting the using flight voucher options.
  • Upgrade or change seats: You can also use the sun country voucher to upgrade your seat online.
  • Hotel Booking: - You can also use your voucher for hotel booking online. You can use the vouchers while clearing payments.
  • Redeem for baggage purchase: You can redeem your sun country voucher at the time when you check out your baggage.
  • Redeem to buy other flight products: You can also redeem your voucher to buy other flight products.
  • Membership renewal: You can also renew your membership using the sun country airline vouchers.
  • Cab booking: You can also use your voucher for the cab booking.

You can use your voucher for any of the above services. You can also speak to the Customer support team of Sun Country airlines if you have any confusion.

How long are Sun Country vouchers good for?

Sun country flight vouchers can be used for one year from the date you book your itinerary. So it is recommended that if you have the voucher, you should use it before the expiry. Because vouchers are non-transferable, and once it expires, you will not be able to re-use them. To use it on time, you can use it for different purposes. To redeem your voucher, you can use the voucher code during booking, seat upgrade, etc. You can also renew your voucher by paying some extra amount.

So, using the above information, you can now understand how to use your sun country vouchers. Moreover, as the airline keeps on updating its terms and conditions, you can always speak to the sun country airline's support team if you have any confusion.

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