How do I reschedule my Kuwait Airways ticket?

Kuwait Airlines is one of the leading airlines in the Middle East. It covers destinations over 34 countries, including the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. They provide their customers with the best deals and discounts on booking the tickets. Customers can easily travel with the airline, can book flights, canceling and refund also provided by the airline. Many passengers would like to reschedule their flight tickets but cannot understand the process. They always ask questions about How do I reschedule my Kuwait Airways ticket.  There are many ways by which flights can be rescheduled. The following steps can help the passengers to know about rescheduling flight tickets and policies of the rescheduling:

Policies of rescheduling Kuwait Airways tickets:

  • Based on the Penalty waiver, it is applicable on the passengers' tickets. Tickets can be rescheduled until the travel date, and the departure of the flight for canceled bookings by Kuwait Airways and tickets can be reissued as per the Ticket's validity.
  • Codeshare flights are for fully or partially un-utilized tickets that may be reissued without any penalty on Kuwait Airways operating Flights. 
  • For all tickets in Kuwait airlines, there will be differences in fares. They can charge taxes or surcharges on applicable tickets based on the travel and departing date.
  • Refundable and Non Refundable tickets are permitted to reissue or reschedule without charging any reissue or rescheduling penalty fees.​ There is no specific time that how many times flights can be rescheduled. The airline will provide a specific number of times to reschedule their flight.
  • If there is any difference in Fare taxes, charges will be applicable based on the travel and departing date.
  • Passengers can reschedule their flights for free before the departing date.
  • Airlines will charge fees for rescheduling flights after the flight's departure date. 
  • Flights can be rescheduled on any date preferred by the passenger. There should be the availability of flights on that particular date of booking.

For rescheduling flights, passengers need to cancel the flight or change the departing date. Refund or Cancellation Penalty Policy for flight cancellation due to COVID-19 Situation:

  • Refundable Tickets on Involuntary Grounds: Refunds will be permitted without any Penalty for tickets issued for the date of departure.
  • Seat or Pre-paid Baggage: if any Money deposit is issued by the airline, they can be refunded for the travel dates in the future.
  • ​Non-Refundable Tickets on Involuntary Grounds: The airline will not permit a refund.

Process of Kuwait Airways flight reschedule: 1-805-576-8081

  • Go to the Kuwait Airways official website. There will be an option of rescheduling a flight. Click on the option.
  • Enter all the information like reservation number, name of the passenger. Both canceled and changed flights can be scheduled by the passengers.
  • They can go to the manage my bookings option of the airline's website and select the option of payment mode to reschedule their flight ticket.
  • Another way can be by contacting the airline customer service providers. If the passengers have booked the flight by themselves from the airport, the customer service team will help them to reschedule their flights.
  • They can call their contact number and tell them to reschedule the flights on their choice of date.
  • Passengers can also visit the airline's nearest office or ask at the nearest airport of the residential area.
  • If the flight has been booked through any travel agent or agency, passengers must tell them to reschedule their flight for another day.

The above mentioned are how Kuwait Airlines flights can be rescheduled to another date. If the passenger has canceled the flight or changed the date, they can apply for the rescheduling without giving any fees till the date of the flight. 

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