How do I speak to live person at Singapore Airlines?

Many customers desire to reach the customer care services of the airlines to get their problems resolved and search for ways to speak to a live person directly. If you have traveled via Singapore airlines and come across any issues during your journey, then you can use the information provided below to reach the airline and seek assistance.

Easy steps to talk to a live person at Singapore Airlines

The following easy steps can be followed sequentially to speak to a live person at Singapore Airlines to get rid of your travel-related issues:

  • Dial the official phone number +1(843) 865-0118 or +65 3125 1547 of the Singapore Airlines.
  • Select your preferred language
  • Follow the Automated voice commands.
  • Wait for the IVR to connected your call with the live representative.
  • Press 5 To talk to a live person at Singapore Airlines.

How can I communicate with a live person at Singapore Airlines?

There are many customers who can not solve their airline-related issues on their own and want to speak to live person at Singapore Airlines to resolve their issues. There are several ways to do so; some of the options are:

  • Via phone number (+65 3125 1547)

  • Via live chat 

  • Via requesting a callback (+1 843 865 0118) using the email ( option.

Contact Singapore Airlines using Contact Form (Connect by sending a message)

If any customer wants to contact Singapore Airlines to arrange special assistance, then they can fill out the request Form by following the given steps:

  • After visiting the" contact us" page of the airline website through your browser, you need to click on the "assistance request form" option.

  • Soon the page will open and will provide you with different alternatives to choose from. You need to mention your issue and click on the corresponding link.

  • On the Form generated, you need to fill in all the mandatory fields.

  • Click on the "terms & conditions" checkbox and hit the submit button to end the process.

How to call the Singapore Airlines customer service phone number?

Those customers who are unsatisfied with the Singapore airline services and want assistance by speaking to a live person can use the Singapore Airlines phone number: 1(843)865-0118 or 1(833)727-0118, which is available 24 hours. Customers can refer to the phone directory provided on the website to obtain contact information according to their country.

How to chat live with a Singapore Airlines Supervisor?

If you are searching for the procedure to contact Singapore Airlines via live chat, then you can follow the given steps sequentially:

  • Start by launching the website through the browser of your device.

  • From the home page, go to the "contact us" section. When you scroll down this page, you will see a chat icon.

  • After clicking it, you need to proceed by clicking on the cookies check box. 

  • Soon you will be provided with a different type to choose your question, or you can type and send your issue manually.

  • Within a few minutes, you will be connected to a person who will provide a solution to your problem.

How can I contact Singapore Airlines via Email?

If you wish to reach Singapore Airlines via Email, then you need to follow the following instructions carefully:

  • Initiate the process by visiting the official Singapore Airlines Website and navigating to the "contact us" section.

  • Now you need to tap on the feedback form to send an email.

  • You must fill in all the required fields of the Form and click on the submit button.

  • If you have any problems related to bags, then you can draft an email to attach all the required documents and send it to

  • You will be reverted soon.

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