How many exact days is it until Christmas?

There are 5 days until Christmas Day! Christmas is a festival of joy and happiness that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of god, and is a day of religious importance. It is celebrated on the 25th of December all over the world. It is also known as the Feast day of Christ. People celebrate this day with pompous and grandeur. 

How long until Christmas is accurate?

Counted from today the 20th of December, Christmas is exactly five days till Christmas 2022. Christmas countdown is around the corner, and is there knocking on the doors. Set your plans and finalize how to celebrate the festival so that you can make it worth remembering till the upcoming year.

How do you make a Christmas special when traveling?

We have always known that festivals at home are always the best. At our places, we can feel the best of festivities at best, and we can enjoy them with our family and relatives. If you love Christmas and wish to make the best of your unique festival, you can also enjoy the same on traveling. There are various things that you can do to celebrate Christmas when traveling. You can also choose to make someone else's Christmas special by surprising a particular person. Read the below-given points to know what ideas you can opt for in order to celebrate your day and surprise your loved ones: 

  • Book an Airbnb- You can book an Airbnb in the city, reach out to the villa or hotel room as per your booking, and enjoy the same. You can explore local holiday destinations with unique seasonal festivals. You can reach out to these destinations and enjoy the various unique traditions. Book an Airbnb and escape out of the city to celebrate your festival. 

  • Carry your decoratives- You can also carry several decorative items and make your stay beautiful by decorating the place of your visit. You can stick pictures, decorate a Christmas tree, and personalize your decoration as per your preference and make it different for your special one. 

  • Take help from the airport if you are flying somewhere- You can choose to take help from the staff at the airport and seek help from the team to surprise your loved one. You can get multiple wishes from various people at the airport with help from the staff. The staff shall help you best with this. You can pre-arrange gifts, give them to the staff, and ask them to give them to your special one when they arrive. 

  • Seek help from the flight crew- You can also plan a surprise from the flight crew. You can choose to take help and pre-plan your surprise with the airline's crew so that they can execute your plan when you arrive on the aircraft. 

  • Gift personalized items- You can also make Christmas special by gifting something to your loved, special one. You can personalize gifts for them. The various gifting items can include a specialized chocolate box, cards, handmade crafts, etc. 


Hopefully, the given ideas have helped you best with the ideas to make your festival special and worth remembrance. Do check the calendar and keep a note of dates to know how many days until Christmas is left. 

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