How many Southwest planes have crashed?

Southwest Airlines is one of the largest low-cost airlines in the world; it was founded in 1967. It operates in more than 120 destinations across the United States and ten additional countries outside the US. The airline is known for its flexible ticket policy and two free checked baggage for every passenger. Even for more than five decades in the industry, people questioned the airline's safety as Southwest planes crashed several times in the past. 

Has Southwest Airlines ever had a crash?

The airline has crashed more than five times where at least one passenger died and where there is a direct or indirect role of the airline involved. However, the airline was hijacked a few times also. 

  • 5th March 2000 - The airline was going from Las Vegas to Burbank with 150 passengers and 50 crew members, and at the time of landing, it overran the runway. No causality was reported, and two of the passengers got serious injuries.

  • 11th August 2000 - An incident occurred in the airline when it was going to Salt Lake City from Las Vegas when a 19 years old passenger tried to enter the cockpit, and while escorting him, he attacked one of the passengers. After the landing, the injured passenger was taken to the hospital, where after a few hours, he died, and according to the medical report, the death was due to homicide. 

  • 8th December 2005 - Southwest planes crashed in 2005 when the airline was scheduled to Chicago's Midway Airport from Baltimore. At the time of landing, the airline overpassed the airport's runway and barrier. It stopped at the street in between the two vehicles, where a six-year boy was seriously injured who was a passenger in one of the vehicles. No passenger was injured, and the crew members also got some injuries. 

  • 17th April 2018 - In this incident, all five members survived, but unfortunately, one of the passengers died. The airline was going to Dallas from New York; the airline experienced a catastrophic failure before reaching the cruising point, which led to turbulence and the flight had to go for an emergency landing in Philadelphia.  

Is Southwest a safe flight?

Even after a bad experience in the past, the airline faces some crashes and losses, and it is improving every day. The airline is one of the safest airlines in the world; according to a survey, it ranks 4 out of 20 safest airlines in the world. Now it is completely safe to travel with Southwest Airlines for the following reasons.

  • The airline uses the latest aircraft with advanced inbuilt technology and safety equipment.
  • Seats in the airline are more durable and come with head shock impact absorbers. The seats are now wider and have a good quality seat belt.
  • Breaks and wheels of the airline have improved as Southwest continuously adapted the latest technology of brakes and extra grip wheels.
  • Now the airline appoints those persons as pilots who have completed their flying school with good points; along with that, the airline provides additional training to the pilots to become an expert in it. 

You can conclude from the above information that Southwest is one of the safest and cheapest airlines in the world.  

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