How much does Etihad charge to change a flight?

Changing flight reservations on account of personal emergencies or professional commitment is now easier because of the flexible flight policies. Now suppose if you are making flight reservations in the Etihad Air and now you have to change the bookings then read this article till the end. You can check the entire booking change process plus the cost implied on the flight change.

How much cost incurred on the flight change in Etihad Airlines?

If you are making an Etihad flight change then there is some cost incurred on the changes you make. On an average basis, the standard charges implied to make changes in the flight reservations is 27 dollars. However, the total cost incurred on the flight change also depends on the type of flight you have purchased.

Steps to make changes in the flight reservations

Taking the help of the online process

  • To make changes in Etihad Airlines, go to the website of the airline and then tap on the ‘manage booking’ section.
  • Now under the ‘manage booking’ section, you can enter the booking number of the airline and then tap on the change reservations option’.
  • On the page where the booking details load, you can tap on the change booking link and make the necessary changes in the flight.
  • You can change the date of traveling, destination, or even the name of the passenger which includes the correction in the spelling mistake.

Calling on the helpline number

You can even call on the helpline number officially issued by the airline and inquire about the process of the flight change in the airline. You can give the details related to the flight reservations and get the changes done.

On the ticket counter

You can even go to the ticket counter of the airline and then request the staff to get the bookings changed.

Flight change policies of the Etihad Airlines

  • If you make changes in the bookings of Etihad Airlines within 24 hours then you can easily make changes free of cost without any deduction.
  • Now if you make changes in the flight after 24 hours then the cost incurred will be calculated on the basis of how many changes you make.
  • If the new reservation costs more than the old bookings then, first of all, you have to pay for the fare difference and then charges. Till you don’t pay the fare difference, the reservation changes will not be confirmed.
  • If you want to make changes in the flight’s passenger name then you can’t do it without the prior permission of the airline. You can only correct the spelling mistake in the name up to 2 or 3 characters and only once.

And therefore this Etihad charges to change a flight at your convenience. In case there is any other doubt, speak to someone at Etihad Airways. The Customer Care team of the airline can be contacted anytime between 24x7. You can either call them or mail them.

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