How to book multi-city flights in 2022?

Booking flights for multi-city has become a smart way to explore multiple destinations in one go. Almost every airline today provides multiple city booking options. Besides, travel agencies also offer multiple city booking options on their websites. 

However, it's a very simple procedure if you look forward to enjoying a multi-city flight booking. There are several ways to book your ticket; you can book it via the airline's official websites directly, travel agencies, or by calling the reservation center. Here we have covered all the options in detail; you can go through them to stay updated.

How to make a reservation for Multi-city flights?

If you wish to visit several cities in one trip, you can always opt for multiple city booking. They are quite less expensive than booking one-way flights between several destinations, and they are quite easier. If you wish to opt for this option, you can find various ways to book your multiple city flights.

  • Book the flight online via the official website of the airline
  • You can opt for the best airline and then go to the official page of the airline
  • You need to find out the booking page; first, you can also type airline name on google and then type multi-city booking
  • Now select your booking type as Multi-city
  • There entre the booking details for destination number 1, mention number of passengers, airport detail, departure and arrival destination, etc.
  • Go ahead with destination number 2; enter arrival and destination details and date again. 
  • You can keep selecting the 'Add destination' option to add a new city to your trip.
  • In most the cases, you can continue booking up to 6 legs of your journey
  • Once done, click on the 'Find Flight' button 
  • Select the most appropriate flight from the available list and then proceed further.
  • You can provide all the information related to passengers on the new page
  • Follow the self-explanatory instruction on the screen to complete the booking formalities
  • On the payment page, choose the payment methods, and complete the payment

In addition to online booking, you can also call the airline's reservation department to get assistance for multi-city flight booking.

Book multi-city flights via a travel agency

  • You can choose the best travel agencies online, go to their booking option, and select the multi-city option.
  • Enter up to the six legs of your journey, then select the departure airport, destination, and travel dates from the drop-down menus. When booking multiple city flights, you don't need to focus on one region. You can choose any region worldwide with a multi-city flight booking option.
  • Select the number of passengers and the class you want to travel
  • Click on the button 'done' to jump to the new page, which shows the results 
  • You can also put a filter on the screen and select the preferred departure and arrival times, airport, airlines, total journey time, and the maximum number of stops. Besides, you can also select to view only flights that emit CO2.
  • Once you go through all the results, select the most preferred flight; on the new page, you can check the details for every flight using the arrows to expand the box.
  • You can then follow the screen instructions and complete the booking formalities.
  • Enter the acceptable payment details on the payment page and go ahead with the payment.
  • Once the booking is made, you will get a confirmation email on your registered email id.

Why book multi-city flights?

  • Multi-city bookings are always less expensive than standard bookings. Besides, when booking during off-seasons, you can even save more.
  • Multi-city bookings combine flights between various cities in one reservation, saving time. You don't need to search for separate one-way tickets between individual cities.
  • Going through the information above, you must be clear about how to book ticket multi-city flights. If you have any doubt, feel free to post your comments here.
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