How to cancel my Southwest Airlines flight?

As travelers are more fond of traveling, they book their flight tickets in advance to avoid rush and unavailability of flight. Many travelers prefer Southwest Airlines to book their flight tickets as it is one of the major airlines of the United States and the world’s largest low-cost air carrier. It gives its services to 121 destinations and ten more countries. There are many queries related to how to cancel southwest airlines flight. In some situations, passengers want to cancel their flight tickets and know the process and policies of flight cancellation. Here are some of the points which passengers can follow for such troubles:

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy:

Many passengers want to cancel their flight tickets but are not aware of the cancellation policies. The passengers must go through the policies of cancellation. Some of the southwest airlines cancellation policies are mentioned below:

  • If a passenger requests a refund for flight cancellation, the refund amount will be based on the flight fare conditions, which will not cover the service fees because it is not refundable.
  • Passengers are willing to cancel within 24 hours for a flight booking made within seven days of departure. Then as per the cancellation policy, they will need to cancel the flight booking through an email request.
  • If the flight cancellation is made within 24 hours of the ticket purchase, they will not pay any cancellation charges, and the flight will be canceled without paying any cancellation fees.
  • The refund amount of flight cancellation will be credited to the passenger's account in the same manner, the flight booking payment was made.
  • In this case, they need to cancel a flight booking consisting of more than a ticket. As per the cancellation policy, the flight cancellation and flight refund request will be applicable on all flight tickets.
  • For making a flight ticket cancellation online, it might be possible to pay the Southwest Airlines cancellation charges. In such cases, the passenger will be informed while the ticket is purchased.
  • Besides, for all refundable flight bookings, if the flight ticket is being canceled within 24 hours, they must get a full refund once the flight cancellation is made. 

Steps to cancel Southwest Airlines flight:

Many passengers cannot board their flight or are not available on that day due to some busy schedules. If passengers want to cancel their flight tickets due to some unavoidable circumstances, they can follow some of the points to cancel their flight tickets:

  • Passengers have to open their internet browser on their devices with a good internet connection. Now go to the official website of the airlines.
  • On the new page, many options will appear at the top of the page. Choose the Manage my trip option on the page. It will provide help to change or cancel the flight tickets.
  • Now, click on the Modify Trip button showing at the center of the screen. Now, passengers need to select whether they want to change or cancel the flight tickets.
  • Click on the Cancel option. The box will prompt on the screen asking for the reservation number or ticket number and last name of the passengers. 
  • Next, click on the cancel button. After canceling the flight ticket, they should immediately request a refund for the canceled flight. Only refundable tickets will get the refund amount back in their accounts.
  • The airline will send the confirmation of canceled tickets through email. They can also contact their customer service agent to cancel their flight tickets.

By following the steps mentioned above, passengers can cancel their airline tickets and know the southwest airlines cancellation policy. It will help the passengers cancel their airline tickets with all the information and get the refund back in their account or as vouchers on their travel account of the airlines. 

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