How to check your flight number?

What is flight number? 

A flight number is an airline IATA code consisting of two characters designating the airline and a digit number between 1 to 4 to keep track of the flight. The flight number is the code for the airline that they assign the number to in order to keep track of the flight. This flight number is assigned to each and every flight that departs from an airport. Sometimes many aircraft can be utilized for the same flight number. If you find difficulty in finding the flight number then you can refer to the below context.

How to check your flight number? 

Sometimes it gets difficult to locate your flight number or get confused about how to check or not to bother. You can check it through this process. Suppose you want to check your flight number by the boarding pass that you are holding right now. In that boarding pass, you can look over the top of the boarding pass where four-digit codes will be written. In that four days, the first two digits will be your airline number and another two-digit number for at what number this flight will take off. The code may be four or five digits it depends upon the airline you are flying with.

Assume if you are flying with the American airway or the delta airway or the British airways then they may like AA56 for American airways or BA302 for British airways or DA84 for British airways. Like this, you also have the flight number mentioned at the top of your boarding pass. But the boarding pass is not only the way through which you can have your flight there are other ways also to locate your boarding pass and which has been mentioned in the next subheading.

How can I find my flight number?

When you are having the difficulty locating the flight number so no need to worry you can see your flight number through these ways:-


When you confirm your booking then you get a confirmation mail from the airline. So o access that goes to your email application or the log in via internet browser. When you enter your email folder there you have to find airline ticket booking confirmation mail. When you open that mail there you have your flight number which will be written just your name. Use this flight number to locate your flight status.


You can also locate your flight number online so that to find the flight number visit the official page of the particular airline and sign in to your account. When you log into your account there you will have my booking or manage booking option select that and in the next step you have to fill in the booking reference number or the PNR number and the last name of the passenger now you can see all your detail including your personal detail as well a the boarding detail there find the flight number option and besides that your number will be mention.

Boarding ticket

When you have your boarding pass in hand on that also you can find the flight number. Such as in the printed boarding pass you have all the details such as the arrival and departure of the flight and also your name and the name will be mentioned as the last name at first and the first name at last so do not get confused. On the above of that, the boarding pass flight number will be mentioned.

Hence, if you are getting confused and have a question like how can I find my flight number and answer you can seek it from the above-mentioned article you can locate our flight ticket but still have the issue of locating the flight number then you can contact the customer service of the airline. Every airline has customer service by call or email or online chat or social media. Choose any of the mentioned ways and get in touch with the customer service. Explain your difficulties and you have the solution accordingly.

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