How to claim for refund from Turkish Airlines?

When you are traveling with Turkish airlines, and for any reason, you are looking to claim a turkish airlines refund, then you can claim it either by filling out the refund form or by using the Turkish airline phone customer service phone number or through the managed booking option you can receive the refund. And steps to get the refund by managing booking have been written down.

Quick process to get a refund from Turkish Airlines : 1-802-391-8220

If you are having the difficulty applying for a refund, then you can do it by manage booking after the cancellation of your booking and for that follow the steps which have been stated here:-

  • Visit the Turkish Airlines official website page, Click on manage booking/check-in option. 

  • Then you have to type your ticket number or reservation number and the passenger's last name and hit on the arrow icon.

  • There you will find the refund form at the right Desk bar. Click on the refund form.

  • Enter all necessary deals and hit the submit option

  • As you hit on the submit option, your refund request quill goes into processing.

Turkish Airlines Refund Policy

When applying for the refund, you should also be aware of its policy through which you have guidance on whether you can get the refund or not. So the details of turkish airlines refund policy have been cited here:-

  • Cancellation made in risk-free time then you can have the full amount refund, and the risk-free zone is 14 hours of booking, but the booking should be made seven days before flight departure.

  • The amount you will receive a refund after the risk free time depends upon the type of fare you carry, and after deduction of the cancellation charge, you will have a remaining amount of refund.

  • As a booking made by the travel agent, you have to contact them for your refund amount. You cannot claim from the airline.

  • Medium to receive amount will depend upon the medium used for the booking process, such as if you have paid through the debit, the amount will reflect that same for the credit card.

  • When the airline cancels your booking in that scenario, you can claim the total refund.

  • You will forfeit your fare if you have canceled within one hour before departure.

How long does it take to get a refund from Turkish Airlines?

So after applying for a refund, the queries come about the waiting period for a refund. In Turkish airlines, the refund time is seven working days except for the payment made by credit card or cheques. But tike may be exceeded depending on the bank. If you didn't receive a turkish airlines refund within the prescribed time, you can either contact your bank or get the customer service of Turkish airlines and know about the issue. So for the credit card and the payment of the check mode, it might take 15-20 working days, but if your case is complicated, it might take more to track your refund status through customer service.

Can I get full refund on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you can get your total amount in the refund. Still, there are specific terms and conditions for that such as if the cancellation had been made within 24 hours of booking you can get the total amount or by the airline's fault you have canceled your booking then also you can have you total amount refund, or you have provided the excellent reason for your cancellation then also you might get the total amount in the refund, but it is subject of airline description. When your ticket allows you or if you have taken any insurance on your booking then also you might get the full amount refund.

Are Turkish Airlines refundable?

Yes, Turkish Airlines are refundable, but the amount you receive in refund is based on the time and date of your cancellation. It also depends on whether the ticket you have purchased is refundable; if it is, then the rule applied to your fare also matters. So when you have a ticket contrary to the turkish airlines refund policy, you cannot get a refund.

Can you refund non refundable Turkish Airline tickets?

No, you cannot avail of a refund on a non-refundable ticket. When you cancel the nonrefundable ticket with Turkish airlines, you forfeit your ticket price. Still, if the Turkish airlines cancel a booking, you can have the ticket back as a travel credit or vouch, which you can use for your next booking. And for its validity, you can take reference from the customer service of Turkish airlines. 

So, this article contains all the valuable information regarding the method to get a refund, steps to get refund, and turkish airlines refund policy. And it may be possible that the policy may vary at the time of your traveling; then, you can get to the customer service of Turkish airlines, and they will share the updated information.

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