How to contact Royal Jordanian Airlines in Chicago?

Royal Jordanian is a flag carrier of Jordan with its headquarters in the capital , Amman . The airline operates scheduled international services  over four continents from its main hub at queena  Ailaa international Airport . It also joined the One world airline alliance in 2007 .

The airline was established on 9 december 1963 and started operations on 15 december 1963 . It is a common misconception  behind the airlines  that the airline was named after the king's  third wife . 

There are several ways through which one can contact Royal - Jordanian  Airlines in Chicago and certain ways are mentioned below .

Royal Jordanian Customer Services

If one requires any assistance regarding their reservation , fares , e- ticketing , arrival and departure timings lost or damaged luggage , online booking support , Royal plus rewards and in general enquiries , our friendly and in dept knowledgeable team will try to sought out your request and its readily available to answer your questions and assist you in either of the languages chosen by you either in arabic or english . As they do have an option of language where one can select the language as per their choice or in which one is comfortable to speak .

The call - centre team is available to serve you 24x7 . Wherein our members are glad to assist you and your inquiries will be answered .

Royal Jordanian  airlines have a frequent flyer programme club membership in which one can avail the services and buy their miles , Calculate their miles, Donate their miles , earn miles  , Gift miles , Redeem Miles , Transfer miles .

Process of Calling Royal Jordanian Airlines Customer Services

One has to Dial the Royal - Jordanian Airlines Toll - free in order to get any assistance  with your reservation , Lost or damaged . Firstly, one will connect through IVR Options. IVR has guidelines through which customers have to follow and connect through .By Dialing their Contact Number 1-805-576-8081.

Press 1 - If you are an existing Customer of Royal - Jordanian  .

Press 2- Queries Regarding Reservation  

Press 3- To get Refund / Fees or Subscription .

Press 4 -  To provide feedback regarding flight .

Press  9 - To speak with a live representative.

Royal Jordanian offers flights to New York and its ranking among the 20 safest airlines in the world . Royal jordanian  offers comfortable flights to New York .  

They do have an option of flights to New York where if one is confronted with any problems regarding an option of change my flight , cancel my flight ,lost baggage, Insurance claim or other customer related services . One has to explain the problem they are facing only then  it will be sorted out by the representative of Royal Jordanian Airlines .They do have international services available via phone , chat , email or other option . If one is sitting in any part of the world they will get a quick solution by dialing their respective numbers .

Jordanian airlines do offer issues single entry visas to U.S citizens upon arrival at Queena Alia International Airport and most international land border crossings . Thus the biggest question arise is royal jordian safe to travel . It is being rated as one of the top 20 safest airline in the world selected from the pool of 405 different airlines it monitores.

One can make a call to the Royal Jordian Chicago Customer Service office for any queries in Chicago , Illinois . They do offer their services to different  parts of the world in Russia , China , Uganda, Peru so the customers will have Hassle free flight .

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