How do I Send Flight info on iMessage?

iMessage is a popular messaging platform that is used by millions of iPhone and iPad users all over the world. One of the most convenient features of iMessage is the ability to send flight information to friends and family members, making it easier to share details of upcoming trips and keep everyone updated on travel plans. This article will discuss how to send flight info on imessage' in detail. Check this out if you need to learn how it works.

Follow the step-by-step Guide below to send Flight Info on iMessage

Step 1: Add Flight Information to Apple Wallet

Before sending flight information on iMessage, you need to add the flight information to your Apple Wallet. Open the email or app that contains your flight information, and tap the "Add to Apple Wallet" button. Once the pass is added to your Wallet, you can access it anytime by opening the Wallet app.

Step 2: Open Wallet App and Select Boarding Pass

To send the flight information on iMessage, you need to open the Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad. Once you have opened the app, you will see a list of all the passes you have added, including your boarding pass. You can then tap on the boarding pass to open it.

Step 3: Tap the Share Button

Once the boarding pass is open, you will see a "Share" button in the screen's top right corner. Tap on this button to start the sharing process.

Step 4: Select iMessage

After tapping on the Share button, a list of sharing options will appear. Select "iMessage" from the list to open a new iMessage window.

Step 5: Add Recipient and Send

You can add the recipient's phone number or Apple ID in the iMessage window. You can also add a message to accompany the flight information. Once you have added the recipient and any message, tap "Send" to send the flight information via iMessage.

Alternative Ways to Send Flight Info on iMessage

If you cannot add the flight information to Apple Wallet, there are other ways to send flight information on iMessage. For example, you can forward the flight confirmation email to the recipient via iMessage. To do this, open the email, tap the "Forward" button, select "iMessage" from the list of sharing options, and add the recipient's phone number or Apple ID. You can add any additional message and tap "Send" to send the email and flight information.

Another alternative is to take a screenshot of the boarding pass or flight confirmation email and send the image via iMessage. To take a screenshot on an iPhone, simultaneously press the power button and volume up button. Once you have taken the screenshot, open iMessage, create a new message and add the screenshot as an attachment.


Sending flight information on iMessage is a convenient and easy way to share travel plans with friends and family. Following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can quickly and easily send your flight information to anyone with an iPhone or iPad. Besides, if you still need help with 'how to send flight info on iMessage or have any other issue, you can speak to contact Apple customer service anytime.

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