If you have recently traveled with Air Canada and after reaching the airport you discover that your luggage is being lost, then you can report the loss and also track your bags post reporting about it. There are many customers who are unaware of the procedure to track lost baggage on Air Canada; such people must use the detailed information given in the following section. 

What must be done when you realize your bags are missing?

Travelers must report their lost bags to Air Canada baggage service agents if they cannot locate their belongings upon their arrival. Passengers must provide their contact details and information about their bags and show their boarding passes to create a WorldTracer incident report. After your report is registered, you will be handed an incident report number that can be used to track the status of your bag. 

The process to track your lost baggage Air Canada:

Following online must be followed by the customers if they wish to track or check the status of their lost property:

  • Go to the official Air Canada website.
  • Navigate to the baggage section after selecting lost and found. 
  • Click on the world tracer report link.
  • Enter the file reference number received after filing the WorldTracer report and the passenger's name.
  • Press the submit button to track your bags. 

What guidelines must be followed by the customers before filing the online form?

It is essential that travelers must note and follow the following points before filling out the online form:

  • Passengers must provide every minute detail of their bags, including their color, number of bags, and bag tag information. 

  • They must always specify the details of their clothes packed, for instance, the color and sizes, the name of the brands, any specific logos, etc.

  • If possible, then provide details of distinctive items like book titles, gifts, and souvenirs; it will be helpful for the airline to locate your lost property.

When must the baggage tracing form be filed?

If you have not received any information about your lost baggage even after 3 days of intimating Air Canada baggage service, then you can fill out the form to locate your lost property. In order to fill Air Canada lost baggage tracing form, certain steps to be followed by the customers sequentially; you will get the information about it in the next section. 

The online process to fill out the Air Canada baggage tracing form: 

Following straightforward steps must be followed by the customers to fill out the online form:

  • Visit the official Air Canada website.
  • Go to the customer support page, followed by pressing the lost item field.
  • Scroll the screen and tap on the baggage issues. 
  • You will be navigated to another page where you must fill in all the required fields of the passenger.
  • Don’t forget to provide the details of your luggage. 
  •  Also, if you are a frequent flyer member, then you must insert your details and press the next button.
  • Finally, review your details, and if required, make the desired changes and press the confirmation checkbox situated at the bottom.
  • End the process by hitting the submit button.
  • As your request gets delivered, you will receive a confirmation message on your linked email. 


Customers can use the details provided above to report their lost properties and to track their luggage. In case they forget to report it at the airport, and they realize the loss after leaving the airport premises, then they can contact Air Canada's central-baggage service by dialing 1-888 689-2247. The services are available 24/7. 

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