Is Southwest A Good Airline? - Complete Overview

Yes, southwest is a good and safest airline. It is a favorite among passengers who are looking for cheap flights without having to compromise on comfort or security. Passengers love their affordable fares that does not cost very much.

  • Great Deals on Flight: 

As you know, traveling is expensive! If you are looking for the cheapest flight, Southwest airline is a good choice. Because they always have sales and promotions throughout the year, the airline offers free in-flight entertainment. You can watch your entertainment on your smart device while traveling between cities. 

  • No change fees on their tickets: 

There are many benefits to the airline; one of the significant benefits is that the airline does not have change fees on all their tickets. It is excellent if something comes up and the passenger needs to re-book their flight. The other airline does not offer this, and if the other airlines allow ticket changes, there are often limits depending on which class they book. Other airline ticket holders will have to pay to change flights. If you book the flight through southwest, passengers can change as many times as they want. 

  • Rapid Rewards Program: 

When passengers enroll in the Rapid Rewards program, there are always promotions. They get the deals like Companion Pass and A-List offers deals on points and upgrades are just some of the deals. Passengers will also get the priority card. With the priority card, passengers can upgrade their seats on same-day travel and get an early check-in option. 

  • Early Bird Check-In: 

When the passengers want to pay a little more to be in the boarding group to get on the aircraft sooner, then Early-bird check-in is the way to go. When the passenger selected this option, it was a hassle to check because the airline would do it automatically. 

Is Southwest Airlines safe to fly?

Yes, Southwest airline is safe to fly. In the most recent list of the world’s safest airlines, southwest was ranked in the top 15 airlines in the world. According to Southwest Airlines reviews, it is the safest airline to fly. 

Do you pick seats on southwest?

Yes, you can pick the seats on the southwest. The airline has operated flights, and they have open seating. Once you get onboard, you can pick any available seat and store your carry-o items in the overhead bin or under the seat. 

What kind of plane does Southwest Airlines use?

The airline operates only Boeing 737s, and their pilots are highly experienced and trained at flying the aircraft. Before the 737 MAX was grounded, the pilots flew almost 40,000 flights on the aircraft, which is more than 89,000 flight hours. 

Why should you choose Southwest Airlines?

Because they have the cheapest flights and it is ranked 15 in the world. The airline is also known for its flexible ticket policy and two free checked bags for every passenger, and the airline does not charge the fees that come with flying on other airlines. It is also known for its priority check-in. Passengers can also check the reviews of the airline. The airline has also ensured their passenger's security. 

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