Top 10 Low-Cost Airlines in USA to travel in budget

Several low cost airlines USA provide cheap flight services to the passengers. These carriers charge less in the form of cheap flights USA  in comparison to other aviation sector companies. This has led to a rise in revenue of the aircraft companies and this attracted several other low-cost carriers to start operating in this segment. 

List of Top 10 Low-cost Airlines USA

  1. Southwest Airlines
  2. Frontier Airlines
  3. Sun Country Airlines
  4. JetBlue Airways
  5. Spirit Airlines
  6. Hawaiian Airlines
  7. Allegiant Air
  8. Alaska Airlines
  9. United Airlines
  10. American Airlines

Know more about these low-cost airlines providing passenger-cargo aircraft in the USA -

Southwest Airlines

It has become the largest low cost airlines USA which provides economical flight services to the passengers. Its headquarters are based in Dallas, Texas. It has achieved the milestone of carrying most domestic passengers in comparison to other United State airlines. It has a fleet size of 737 and provides frequent flight services to the passengers at minimum cost.

Frontier Airlines

Its headquarters are based in Denver, Colorado. It provides its services to more than 1000 destinations which include flight services to 116 destinations (international and domestic flights). It provides low-cost airfare to the passengers. It provides a rapid transit system to its destinations at regular intervals.

Hawaiian Airlines

It is the oldest US carrier with a history of no accidents till date. It provides economical flights in the form of low-cost airlines in USA and is the most on-time flight service provider with lowest cancellations. It started its operations as low cost airlines USA in 1929. Today it has a fleet size of 61 and provides services to 32 international and domestic destinations. Its headquarters are based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Allegiant Air

It is an ultra low-cost airline USA that provides scheduled and charter flights to passengers. It was founded in 1997 with the name of Westjet express. Its headquarters are based in Summerlin, Nevada. It has a fleet size of 115 and provides international and domestic flight services to 129 destinations. It has the authorization of the US department of transportation as a scheduled air carrier and provides cheap flights in the form of cheap flights USA.

Sun Country Airlines

It is the 11th largest passenger carrier in the USA. It started its operations in 1983 with its headquarters in Minneapolis. It has a fleet size of and provides flight services to 59 domestic and international destinations as low cost airlines USA. It works as a contract cargo operator for Amazon Air provides the facility of sun country rewards to its passengers.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit airlines is an airline of America that was founded in 1983 and Headquartered in  Miramar, Florida, in the Miami metropolitan area. Basically, spirit airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier airlines which is in fourth place of passenger carriers in north America as per the Data of 2020. Also in north America, it became the largest ultra-low-cost carrier airline.

Alaska Airlines

It is the fifth-largest US airline when compared in terms of fleet size and the number of passengers. It started its operations in 1944and its headquarters are based in Sea-Tac, Washington. It connects Pacific Northwest, west coast and Alaska and provides flight services to more than one hundred destinations through its services of cheap flights USA. It has a fleet size of 303 and provides frequent flight services to its assigned destinations. It has achieved the top position for customer satisfaction for 12 years.

JetBlue Airways

It is the 7th largest American Airline with its headquarters based in Long Island City. It operates more than 1000 flights through low cost airlines daily and provides flight services to 100 domestic and international destinations. It has a fleet size of 282 and is not a member of any major airline alliance. 

United Airlines

It is the third-largest airline in terms of fleet size of 854. It operates its flight services to all six continents as a low cost airlines. It uses 8 hubs to regulate its cheap flights USA services. It is the founder of star alliance and has become a group of 28 member airlines. It provides its services to 342 destinations and provides frequent passenger airlines for the assigned airports.

American Airlines

It has a fleet size of 892 and is the world’s largest airline with its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. It provides scheduled passenger services with its regional partners and operates domestic and international flights to 350 destinations. It provides independent and subsidiary carriers under the banner of American Eagle and operates its flight service from 10 hubs as low cost airlines USA.

These flight carriers as low cost airlines have expanded their customer base with the increasing competition in the aviation sector. These low-cost airlines provide flight services at a low cost. They provide frequent flights which have led to a rise in their popularity. The low-cost carrier cut their expenses in the form of less luxurious travel and the fulfillment of necessities during the flight. Their staff is less in number and are trained for multi-tasking. These low-cost carriers are approved by the aviation authorities and fulfill all the requirements of safe flight.

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