How do I select my seat on Lufthansa Airlines?

When you have organized a trip with Lufthansa Airlines and purchased a flight ticket with the same. Afterward, you can use your itinerary details to pick a preferred seat in the respective cabin. Although, you could be able to pick a seat from the airline through distinct modes, and the clues for using them are listed underneath.

Can I choose my seat on Lufthansa?

Yes, you can choose a seat on Lufthansa Airlines. So, the seat on an airline could be picked through distinct options but online is a way to get a seat independently. And the hint for Lufthansa seat selection through the online modes is defined at the bottom:- 

Procedure for choosing a seat online on Lufthansa

  • Go to Lufthansa Airlines' official web page
  • Then, click on the menu icon
  • And then, click on the view and amend icon 
  • After that, type your booking code with your surname. 
  • Now, click on the seat icon
  • Later, choose a seat from the available ones
  • Afterward, pay its cost and click on the finish icon

Use the kiosk at the airport for seat selection

The airline has a kiosk machine at the airport to conduct a check-in and add services to the itinerary. When you wish to add up a seat, then you can use the kiosk and apprehend a required seat at the time of check-in.

  • First, find the airline kiosk and click on the screen
  • Now, choose check-in options
  • After that, submit your last name with the booking code.
  • Then, click on the seat icon and pick an available one from the seat map
  •  Afterward, pay its cost with an available source and follow up the check-in process.
  • Thereafter, printed itinerary details could be received with a seat number.

What is Lufthansa seat selection policy?

A seat selection is subject to statutory provisions laid by Lufthansa Airlines, and seats could be selected in compliance with that. Further, you can have details about those in the policies, and that information is raised at the bottom.

  • The seat selection is subject to availability.
  • When you have purchased a flight ticket for business class and first class, then, you can choose any available seat without paying additional fees.
  • If you are below the age of 16 or a dependent traveler, then you might not be able to pick an emergency to exist.
  • When you are a Lufthansa HON circle member and traveling with at least three companions, then a seat could be chosen without any fee submission.
  • When you didn't pick any seat before check in then the airline could allot any random seat.

Contact Lufthansa Airlines Customer Support for Seat Selection

When you do not have to follow up with the lengthy procedure and want to do that conveniently, then get through the airline customer service on call. Over call, you get to share details of booking and state preferred seat options. Further, the contact number of Lufthansa Airlines is +1 800 - 645 38 80.

Does Lufthansa Airlines charge for seat selection?

Yes, Lufthansa charged for a seat selection. However, you can also be able to seek a free seat under certain circumstances too. When you are not eligible for those, then you get to pay a relevant cost as per the seats. Hence the cost of seats could be around $300.

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