Are you planning a vacation with family or friends to your dream destinations? But you need help finding a budget-friendly deal for your travel. Then, you can try to escape such hurdles once you use the Southwest low fare calendar hack because with the help of several modes like flexible travel dates, better use of perks, Black Friday deals, and ignoring the weekends, etc. 

Follow mediums to get Southwest Low Fare Calendar Hacks:

  1. Try Southwest Low Fare Calendar for Flexible travel dates: If, you are comfortable traveling with flexible dates, then using the Southwest Low Fare Calendar will always help you to choose the best dates with access to the cheapest trips.
  2. Get Southwest Promo codes while you sign up for their email: When passengers sign up with Southwest's free email newsletter via the official website. Then, at the same time, they will offer you Southwest promo codes, giveaway notices, deals, and the occasional free drink coupons.
  3. Earn Southwest Companion Pass or access Southwest credit card: With the help of using the Southwest Companion Pass passenger gets the option to fly with one additional person to fly free as long as you carry the pass, and the passenger will have to pay only the taxes and fees which might be around $5.60 approximately one way. 
  4. Buy Southwest Early Bird check-in if you are choosy about seating: At Southwest Airlines, assigned seating is optional, so if you want to get first to get a seat, then you can buy Early Bird check-in for $15-$25 one-way. With the help of this feature, the passenger receives checked-in automatically 36 hours before your flight, and this option gives a chance to the customer to get into Group A for boarding accordingly.
  5. Set the alarm for 24 hours to get the best seating: If you want to get your preferred seat to travel, then set an Alarm because precisely 24 hours before your departure, the check-in window opens, and you will be ready to select your preferred seat accordingly. 
  6. Connect with Southwest's Facebook handle to achieve up-to-date sales: In case you want to grab the best fare deals at Southwest Airlines, then you are supposed to connect with the Facebook page at Southwest because then you are surely not going to miss a flash sale and you can also receive notifications whenever there is a post for sales.
  7. Get free special drinks if you fly on certain holidays: Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Southwest Airlines offered free drinks if a passenger traveled on selected holidays. Passengers won't get a cheaper flight ticket from Southwest low-fare calendar hack on holiday. But, if you are traveling on special occasions or days as referred below, you will surely get the best services.

    New Year's Day
    Valentine's Day
  8. Get an early boarding facility with family while you fly with kids six years old or under. Passengers even get the option of check-in fast because you need not worry about getting Early Bird check-in. After all, if you are with kids six years old or under, you will indeed be allowed to board next.
  9. Free access for Southwest Flight change: Many airlines charge to change tickets according to departure time. However, with Southwest Airlines, passengers can change tickets up to 10 minutes before scheduled departure and pay zero fees.
  10. Buy a cheaper Southwest ticket on Tuesday at 3 pm: At Southwest Airlines, special offers are generally announced Tuesday and usually last three days and end on Thursday of that week. 
  11. Get price adjustment for a lower fare after booking: In some cases, when you have already booked with Southwest Airlines and the price drops, Southwest will refund the fare difference.

Henceforth, those mentioned above are a few essential Southwest low-fare calendar hacks, which you can follow and get guidance for the best deals for your travel.

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