Top tips to avoid paying an airlines ticket change fee 

Are you looking forward to changing your airline ticket but concerned about the change fee? Today, almost every airline charges a change fee if you change your flight ticket. But it doesn't mean you can't change the flight free of cost. There are certain tips which you can follow to avoid the change fee. 

So if you are curious about how to change my flight without paying a fee , you are at the right place. Here in the article, you will learn top tips that will help you save the change fee. So let's get started. 

How can I change my flight without paying a fee?

If you are looking forward to changing the flight free of cost, Here are the tips you can follow to make it happen.

Change the ticket within 24 hours

If you immediately realise that the flight you booked requires some changes, you can do the modification free of cost within 24 hours of the booking. However, the rules apply only if your ticket is purchased seven days before departure. Besides, some airlines also allow you to reserve the ticket at a certain cost for 24 hours, but in that case, once you have paid, you will be locked in.

Make the changes 60 days ahead of time.

If you have a couple of months before departure, consider modification now. Most airlines allow the change free of cost or charge a minimal change fee if you modify it 60 days in advance.

Buy Flexible fare 

If you have the intuition that you might need to change the flight after booking, you can purchase a Flexible fare. The airline offers flexible fares at different names, like Blue flex on JetBlue, refundable fares, etc. When you purchase a flexible fare, you can change the flight ticket free of cost or with a minimal amount of change free.

Can I reschedule my flight for free?

Yes! You can reschedule your flight free of cost. Here are certain conditions which don't require any change fee.

Change ticket on same-day 

The airlines give you 24 hours to make any modification free of cost if you purchase a ticket seven days or more before departure. The rule applies to all ticket types.

Flight Schedule change

Talking about the flight changes, if your airline is cancelled or delayed for more than 3-4hours, you can reschedule the flight free of cost. You can reschedule the booking through the official site or by calling the representative. 

Flexible fares allow free changes. 

You can also make changes free of cost if you hold a flexible ticket type. Besides, if you have a refundable ticket, you can cancel the booking free of cost and make a new reservation as per requirement.

Following the tips above, you can reschedule your flight free of cost if you don't know how to make any modifications. You must first visit your airline's official site and then access the booking details. From there, you can select the booking you wish to reschedule, and you can make the changes using the rebooking or change flight options. 

Moreover, if you wonder how to change my flight without paying a fee? You can also speak directly to the airline's customer service for any modification.

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