How can I select my seat on United Airlines?

United Airlines provides a flexible seat selection policy, allowing you to select seats on most United and United Express-operated flights. With United Airlines booking, you can choose your seats online via a mobile app, calling a representative or a travel agent.In this article, we will discuss the United Airlines seat selection process and other related facts.

Steps to choose a seat online on United Airlines:

  • Get on the United Airlines website ( or use the United Airlines mobile app.
  • Click on the "My Trips" section on the homepage at the top
  • Enter your reservation confirmation number and surname, or sign in to your MileagePlus account if you have one.
  • Select the flight reservation for which you want to choose a seat 
  • Click the "Seat Selection" / "Choose Seats" option to access the seat map.
  • Review the seat map and select the seat of your preference. You may have options to choose from standard seats, preferred seats (with additional legroom), or other premium seating options.
  • After selecting your desired seat, confirm and complete the seat assignment process.

What is United Airlines seat selection policy?

  • United Airlines allows passengers to select their seats during the booking process or before the flight departure.
  • Basic Economy fares typically do not include advance seat selection, and seats are assigned at check-in. However, preferred or available seats can be purchased for an additional fee.
  • Other fare classes, such as Economy or Premium Economy, generally provide complimentary seat selection, but specific premium seats or extra legroom seats may have an additional fee.

Does United charge for seat selection?

United Airlines might charge for seat selection in some instances. Like Basic Economy fares typically do not include complimentary seat selection. If you want to choose a specific seat, a fee may be associated with it. Preferred seats or seats with extra legroom often require an additional fee starting from $9, even for passengers in higher-fare classes.

The seat selection cost on United Airlines' Basic Economy fares can vary depending on factors such as the specific flight, seat type, and availability.

Does United Basic Economy allow seat selection?

Yes, United Basic Economy does allow seat selection, but with some limitations. When you purchase a Basic Economy fare on United Airlines, you will typically be assigned a seat at check-in. However, you can purchase an advance seat selection by paying some charges.

How much is seat choice on United Basic Economy?

For Basic Economy fares, seat selection is typically not included for free. If you want to choose a preferred seat, a fee may be associated with it. The seat selection cost can range from $9 to $10 and varies depending on several factors. 

Which seat is best on United Airlines?

Determining the best seat on United Airlines depends on individual preferences and needs. However, some seats that are often considered desirable include; Economy seats with extra legroom, Window seat, and exit row seats.


You easily select a seat with United by visiting its websites, mobile app, and agents. However, United Airlines seat selection basic economy is only allowed if you purchase advance seat selection. Hopefully, you are clear about everything; for more information, speak directly to the United Airlines support team. 

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