How is it so hard to get hold of Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines is one of the legacy carriers connecting various cities worldwide. Although Delta is known for providing the best support to its customers globally, there are times when it becomes hard to communicate with the airline over the phone. Many passengers get frustrated about why is it so hard to get hold of Delta Airlines. There can be several reasons for this; you will learn about them in the content below. So let's get started and check out the details. 

Why does Delta not answering the phone?

If you are calling on Delta Airlines customer service number and it's continuously busy, that means the airline is receiving a large volume of calls and that's why delta is not answering on the phone call, so skip the wait-on call, dial  800-221-1212  (USA, Canada) and speak to a live person at Delta.

Reasons due to which Delta is not capable of answering the phone:

  • Delta used to provide real-time assistance to its passengers before Covid-19, but since the pandemic hit the world, the call volumes got higher because many changes occurred simultaneously. It is the main reason why it is hard for the delta team to answer the call.

  • Per the delta spokesperson, the wait time has increased to 2-3 hours because of record-breaking call volumes. However, the airline is hiring specialists continuously so that they can meet the demands of passengers.

  • The other reason for high call volumes and why it's hard to get a hold of Delta is that many passengers are trying to connect with airlines simultaneously and delta customer service is overwhelmed and unable to answer the phone call. It can happen on occasions like holidays, major events, flight cancellations, delays, etc.  

  • Delta provides 24 hours of support over the phone. But if you call the airline in a specific department, they have working hours. So if you call the airline outside of business hours and there is no one available to answer.

So above are a few reasons that make getting a hold of Delta difficult. You can avoid the situation by using the self-service options online or through the delta app first and see if the problems could be solved without any agent. Besides, if the phone call is taking longer, here are the alternate options to get a hold of delta representatives. 

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