Why is it so hard to get through to American Airlines?

These days American Airlines is struggling with very unpleasant conditions, a result of which the customers are exasperated by the long waiting hours or no reply from the customer service team of American Airlines. They are trying hard consistently, but they are unable to get through to American Airlines. The factors behind why it is happening are:

Busy calling network:- As of now, Airline is canceling many flights every other due to which passenger's itineraries are getting hampered for which they call the customer service team. And suppose how many people got their flights canceled and how many calls would reach the customer service department. Such a busy network is making it hard to contact American Airlines. Following are the attributed reasons behind:-

Staff Shortage:- This report has also been in the news for past months that the number of staff members in the airline department has declined. As a result, the staff seems inefficient when it comes to resolving customers' issues.

High itinerary demand:- Post covid 19 pandemic, the number of reservations is 20% higher, and only limited passengers can be boarded on the flight. This is making it hard for many passengers to get through to American Airlines. Helplessly they are rescheduling their journey. 

Contemporary political issues:- As some conflict is going on in another region of the world in which the civilian aircraft are getting engaged by State orders in rescue missions, as a result, the difference between the number of flights and passengers is steep.

Technical issues:- The whole system functioning relies on a network that sometimes gets broken due to technical glitches or human error, or natural as a storm. And again, it becomes arduous to contact American Airlines as such situations result in disconnection in telephonic lines

Departmental:- Some shortcomings have also been reported in the news in the State government Air Traffic Control department.

Changing Weather:- The first reason is bad weather. As we all know, climate change is an alarm, but few actions are being taken against it. The weather is becoming alterable at a fast pace and mostly unfavorable for flights, causing disturbances that passengers are unable to get through to American Airlines, and consequently, some flights are getting canceled.

How do I easily get through to American Airlines?

One of the best approach to get through to American Airlines live chat with AA via aa.com or the American Airlines mobile app. Best phone number:1-805-576-8081. If you've called the system before, AA will recognize your number and ask you directly what your call is about. If not, speak your AAdvantage number slowly and clearly to start the call.

Despite such problems, you should not lose hope as there are other methods to contact the Airline regarding reservations or others. You can try the following ways:-

Try Twitter:- You can send a direct message using Twitter or social media platforms, where if you had to wait, then it would hover around one hour; moreover, you will not be put on hold, which s really exhausting.

Get help from a live person:- If the airport is in your vicinity, then you should visit the ticket counter or gate or customer service available there. At least you can directly speak to them, so there are more probabilities that your concern will be heard first, and arrangements will be made for your genuinity.

Elite person reference:- Well, it is understood that not everyone is in contact with somebody who is a well-known personality, but if you know someone as such so it might prove helpful in making you contact American Airlines.

Accept call back:- All passengers are also requested to cooperate for the time being. If you are asked to call back or receive it later, then do the same. It would take time, no doubt, but yes, relatively, it will be tried to solve the matter for a loyal passenger.

All the teams from the state level to the ground are making efforts for the betterment of the aviation department as more hiring has started already, and soon, no more holding hours will be there. Till then, you are also required to be supportive of the Airline.

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