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Emirates Airlines Online Booking

Are you heading to UAE and perplexed as to which airline offers the best deals, then go for Emirates Air. One of the leading airlines across the UAE, it has one of the best deals offering to passengers all across the Globe. But before confirming your flight reservations, there are few basic things that every passenger needs to know. Tap below to find more about the airline and its reservation policies. You can even book your flight ticket over a phone call by dialing the Emirates customer service contact number. 

About the Emirates airline

If you are looking for Emirates online bookings, then, first of all, you should know about the airline. The airline is the largest and the oldest airline of UAE with its headquarters in Dubai with a fleet size of 254. Technically the Emirates Airline is governed by the Emirates Group and hence you can easily book flights to any major city across the globe.

Emirates Airlines Contact Number

Emirates is an airline that operates on various routes to serve millions of users daily. This airline was started decades ago and serves millions of passengers to commute daily. You can connect with the support team by using the phone number service. This airline is based in the UAE and serves many travelers daily.

How to use the Emirates number to contact its support team?

In this case, you are required to get in touch with the Emirates Customer Service live person to gain more details. To get the relevant details, you need to use the details which are provided below:

  • In the first place, you should visit the Emirates support webpage from its official website.

  • From the official section, you should gain the details of the Emirates contact number.

  • Now, you need to connect with the customer service live person by dialing the Emirates number.

  • Once you are connected with the live person, you need to ask him to provide you with various details.

  • You can easily connect with the live person of Emirates and use its service about this issue.


On facing any problem in using the Emirates Phone Number, you can easily connect with the customer service through live chat or email method. Here, you can easily obtain customer service by using its 24*7 available and active service.

Facilities offered by the Emirates Airlines 

If you have convinced yourself to book flights in the Emirates Airlines then along with the Emirates Online flight booking, you would also get other perks to avail. There are several other services offered by Emirates Airlines that you can enjoy while traveling.

  • Seating facility

The first thing that every passenger sees is the seat quality. While taking long route flights, a lot of people feel uncomfortable sitting in the same position. And hence keeping this thing in mind, Emirates Air offers comfortable flight seats that are spacious as well as have more leg space.  

  • In-flight entertainment 

To avoid getting bored on the flights, you can even choose to watch any TV program or songs on the screen attached to every screen. In every cabin, the airline gives access to the 4500 plus channels. 

  • Food and beverages 

The passengers flying by the Emirates Air are served delicious cuisines and drinks from all over the world. You can choose between non-vegetarian and vegetarian items as per your taste.  

  • Baggage

You can carry extra baggage along with you in case you decide to travel by the upper class. 

  • Leg space  

The best part of the Emirates Airline is there is a lot of space around the seating area with enough dining area and comfortable flight seats. You can turn those seats into comfortable beds along with blankets and pillows. 

  • Seat upgrade 

In case you have reservations in the economy class but you wish to upgrade to the business class, then you can do that by choosing either of the alternatives. 

Emirates Airlines major hubs 

Emirates Air is the native of the UAE and is headquartered in Dubai city. However, if Emirates Air is based in Dubai, but still it connects UAE with the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South Pacific, North America or Europe, and even South America. For booking Emirates flight tickets, you can easily choose either of the routes and get the confirmed flight reservations by calling on Emirates contact number.

Emirates Airlines Baggage Policy

1.Once you have made the bookings in Emirates Air, you should check the baggage rules and then decide accordingly as to how much luggage you are carrying. 

2.If you decide to travel by the economy class then you can carry one big travel bag up to the weight of 23 kgs free of cost. 

3.Whereas if you decide to travel by the flex or the flex plus then you can carry two big bags. 

4.The ideal weight of the bags should not be more than 23 kgs with a total size of 300 cms. Moreover, another perk of Emirates baggage policy is that, if you have too many bags then you can decide to get your bags delivered at your address. You can save yourself from carrying too much luggage by simply getting it delivered to your place. 

5.If you decide to travel with infants then you can carry one extra bag without having to pay any fee or charge.

Emirates Airlines Cancellation Policy

Often after booking cheap flight tickets Emirates, people end up changing or even canceling the flight reservations. You can cancel your flight bookings with the help of the easy-going flight cancellation policies of Emirates Airlines. For finding out more, tap below.

  • If you cancel your Emirates Flight booking that was booked from the USA within 24 hours of the reservations, then you can apply for the full flight refund. However, make sure that the flight was booked a maximum of seven days before the flight took off. 
  • You can cancel the flights only if it was booked as a refundable flight. You can’t cancel the flights booked as an award flight. 
  • Moreover, once your flight cancellation is confirmed then the flight refund would be processed in seven days or so and you can easily receive it in the form of a flight voucher.

And therefore, this is how one can easily avail of the reservation services of Emirates Airlines. In case you have any doubts related to the Emirates Airlines reservations, then you can even contact the Emirates customer service team. The customer support team of the airline can be reached out anytime via call or email.

FAQs about Emirates

1.Is Emirates refunding tickets?

Yes, Emirates airline gives a refund. For that, you have to submit a refund form.

2. How can I check my Emirates ticket confirmation?

  • Firstly, visit the official website of the Emirates airline.
  • Tap on the Manage tab.
  • Now, click on the “Find your booking” option.
  • Enter your last name and booking reference.
  • After that, click Go to get the necessary information.

3. How do I find my Emirates Guest number?

To find your Emirates guest number, you need to submit forgot membership number form:

  • Enter your first name, last name, email address, date of birth in the required field.
  • Click on the send me my membership number button.

4. How do I talk to a live agent at Emirates?

There are three ways by which you can contact to live agent at Emirates airlines:

  • Connect via phone call: You can dial (805)308-7828 number and once the call gets connected, you need to explain your issues in order to get correct and hassle-free solutions.
  • Connect via email support: In this, you can compose and send an email to the support team in order to get simple and accurate solutions.
  • Connect via live chat: In this, you can do online chatting with the customer representatives and get instant solutions.
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