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If you are traveling with Air Canada, you will be privileged to receive various facilities like quick refund services, online check-in, and many more, every Airline has there baggage policies, and through Air Canada baggage policy, you will get information about various things like what are the kind of things that you should carry, and what should be the weight of your luggage, and the numbers of bags that you can carry while traveling with Air Canada,

And to know the baggage information of this Airline, go through the steps mentioned below:-

What Is Air Canada Baggage Policy?

The baggage policy of Air Canada depends upon the ticket type, the weight of baggage, the destination, and more to know more information about the policy of baggage, read the steps that are located below:-

For carry-on bag

You can carry one standard article and one personal article on board. In addition, you can bring your coat, a small purse, special needs or infant care items, and you can also include a small collapsible stroller. 

You do not have to pay any charges for any carry-on bag; the bag's dimensions should be maximum per bag 62 in (158 cm), including the handle and wheel of the suitcase. 

For checked baggage 

When you travel with Air Canada, your free baggage allowance is determined by the destination of your flight, the date of ticket purchase, and frequent flyer status. Still, the maximum weight per bag of 50 lb (23kg) is allowed at Air Canada. 

You must pay the charges for checked bags at check-in, available at the airport ticket counter or the kiosk machine; the Airline will only accept your bags after 4 hours of flight departure. 

For military personnel 

The baggage allowance for Canadian and U.S. military members has been enhanced whenever they travel on Air Canada flights; eligible active and retired military members are entitled to up to three pieces of checked baggage. Each baggage can weigh up to 32 kg (70 Ib).

But for this process, they have to show their active valid military identity card, and the weight of their bags should not be more than the provided figure.

What is the baggage fee for Air Canada?

If you carry any checked nag from Air Canada, you must pay the Air Canada baggage fee of around $30.00 for the standard bag and $50.00 for the secondary bag. If you are willing to carry more baggage apart from them, you must pay an additional amount for each add-up bag.

What is the baggage allowance on Air Canada?

According to Air canada baggage weight limit, the amount weight of carry-on bags has to be 32 kg (70 Ib) in weight, 292 cm (115 In) in linear dimensions, and 203 cm (80 In) in length. 

But, if any passenger has any medical issues or is serving in the U.S. military, the Airline allows access to them only after showing their relevant legal documents to the Airline. 

How to track lost baggage on Air Canada?

Once you have checked in for your Air Canada flight, the Airline will provide a piece of tracking information for your luggage. If you have lost your luggage, the tracking barcode provided by the Airline will help recover it. For more information, go to Air Canada lost baggage option available on the website of Air Canada and connect to the representative of the Airline for further information.